A Microgrid Playbook: Conditions and Opportunities for Investment

The Conference Board of Canada, 33 pages, April 26, 2021
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The use of diesel in remote and Northern communities is a truly wicked problem. But technology—namely microgrids for independent power production—is placing solutions within reach.

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Electricity generation in Canada’s Northern and remote communities is dominated by diesel. Around 200 communities, each with an existing diesel grid, depend for electricity on the perennial migration of hundreds of trucks, barges, and cargo planes hauling millions of litres of diesel to nearly every corner of the country. This is a truly wicked problem, but technology is placing solutions within reach.

A Microgrid Playbook: Conditions and Opportunities for Investment discusses how, due to their potential for adopting “cleaner” technologies, microgrids are playing an increasingly important role in contributing to our transition to a low-carbon future. The growth of decentralized generation and transmission is creating new opportunities for community-based renewable power. Communities must be at the center of the development process. However, increasing utility and regulatory support for independent power production is critical to shaping partnerships with communities, and a publicly capitalized financial institution could accelerate microgrid growth.

Table of Contents

Key findings


Conditions for successful microgrid deployment

Potential economic, environment, and social outcomes

GDP, jobs, taxes, and emissions reductions

Time for an energy transition

Appendix A—Bibliography

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