Understanding Israel’s Innovation Ecosystem: Webinar on the Lessons Learned from the 2016 Study Tour

The Conference Board of Canada, May 26, 2017
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The Conference Board of Canada recently conducted an Innovation and Cyber Tech Cluster Study Tour in Israel. The goal of this tour was to learn about Israel’s world-class innovation skills, capabilities, and performance and connect how those lessons and experiences can help Canadian innovation stakeholders.

Israel is a world innovation leader, boasting world-class innovation skills, capabilities, and performance. The country’s business research and development spending is among the highest of OECD countries, and its high-tech firms attract massive amounts of venture capital. Israel also demonstrates an impressive ability to develop and benefit from niche capacities in its innovation ecosystem, such as its CyberSpark research park—home to multinational technology companies that are investing in and revolutionizing the future of cyber security.

Webinar Highlights

Study Tour participants, Canadian innovation executives, policy-makers, and leaders, were able to learn from Israel’s experiences by offering insights into the cultural and historical circumstances, and policy choices, that help to explain Israel’s innovation success. They were also able to identify strategic and policy recommendations that Canada can consider adopting or adapting to enhance its own innovation capacity and performance.

During this webinar, Paul Preston will:

  • discuss findings from the study tour and share insights about the Israeli innovation ecosystem,
  • discuss how Israel and its firms have been able to innovate, grow, and compete in global markets and integrate deeply within global technology value chains
  • connect how these lessons can help improve innovation in Canada

About Paul

Photo of Paul PrestonPaul Preston is the Director of the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Practice at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role he is responsible for a portfolio of research projects, centres, and executive networks, including the Council for Innovation and Commercialization, CIO Council, Council for IT Executives, Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care and Council for Information and Knowledge Management.

His particular knowledge focus is in the areas of innovation and commercialization, building an innovation ecosystem, ICT adoption, information technology management, and knowledge management. Paul also works closely with the Conference Board’s National Security and Strategic Foresight practice. He has previously held a leadership role with the Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations. Paul was responsible for leading such research studies as Driving Creativity and Commercialization: Innovation by Design, Adopting Digital Technologies: The Path for SMEs, Leading Innovation for Business Value and Growth: The New CIO Value Proposition, How Knowledge Management Drives Innovation Capacity and Organizational Excellence, and Managing Technology-Driven Change.

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