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Upcoming Events

The Future Skills Centre

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) will help Canadians prepare for, transition, and adapt to new jobs and a changing labour market.

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Taking the Stage®

For female leaders—take the leadership stage and speak with confidence, assertiveness, and influential leadership presence.

February 11–12 | Toronto

Mental Health Workshop

Charting Progress: Navigating psychological safety in the workplace

Currently, there are challenges when it comes to making workplace mental health environments a reality. Learn how to move from “best evidence” to "actionable strategy."”"

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Strategic Foresight Training Workshop

Apply plausible scenarios for the future and using that knowledge to help you make decisions today.

May 26–28 | Ottawa

Coaching for Everyday Impact

Feedback and coaching drive performance. This leadership program can help leaders improve their ability to coach their team and create a feedback culture.

March 24 | Ottawa

People Leadership Fundamentals

A program designed for new, emerging, or aspiring leaders who are striving to become more effective people leaders. Build a solid foundation to effectively manage and lead a team.

March 25–26 | Ottawa

Communication for the Senior Leader ®

Built to strengthen leaders' ability to inspire others every time they speak and learn the fundamentals of communicating as a senior leader.

March 30–31 | Ottawa

Nordic Innovation Study Tour

The 2020 Nordic Innovation Study Tour is a chance for senior Canadian executives to learn about the innovation ecosystems of Denmark and Norway. By joining us on this study tour, you will engage in a unique and dynamic forum for examining groundbreaking developments in innovation.

April 20–24 | Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Leadership Development Program

For leaders at the mid to senior levels of an organization. This program focuses on the essential skills required for effective leadership: communication, self-awareness, influence and agility.

April 27–May 1 | Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Technology Shift: Adopting AI and Robotics

This conference sheds light on key emerging technologies and showcases how Canadian businesses can put them into action. Learn how to assess, adopt and implement technologies, and get ahead of the mainstream.

May 11 | Toronto

Canadian Immigration Summit 2020

Canada’s unemployment rate hit a record low in May 2019 because of strong job creation and an elevated retirement rate. In some parts of the country, supply is already constrained. Learn why immigration needs to be part of the solution.

May 13–14 | Ottawa

The Next Recession Conference

The current global economic landscape is dominated by uncertainty—Brexit, a trade war between the U.S. and China, and sovereign debt concerns in Greece and Italy are only the beginning. At the same time, Canada’s responsiveness is becoming limited due to budget deficits and low-interest rates.

June 17, 2020 | Toronto, ON

Mobility Design 2020

How we move is changing. Today’s mobility providers are focused on designing systems that provide choice, optimize technology, and meet customer expectations. Canadians have a lot of options: ride-sharing, mobility on demand, traditional transit, active transportation, or their own vehicle. Designing a seamless multi-modal journey has become the next big challenge.

October 1, 2020 | Vancouver, BC

Better Workplace Conference 2020

Dive into topics that are key to building a better workplace. Connect with industry experts to share experiences, learn practical tools, and reinvigorate organizational efforts to build an engaging, appealing workplace.

November 9–10 | Quebec City

Indigenous STEM pathways 2020 and beyond

Indigenous youth are the fastest-growing population segment in Canada and are graduating from post-secondary institutions in greater numbers than ever before. They offer Canadian employers a vibrant and expanding labour pool. But in STEM fields, they are still not being trained and employed in proportion to their numbers.

Fall 2020 | Waterloo

Future events

  • Public Sector Leadership 2021
    Feburary 1–2, 2021
  • Future Skills Centre Conference
    November 2020


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