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Western Health Summit 2015: Making Change That Makes a Difference

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2015 Event

For past health summits, we’ve selected particular areas to address—the aging population, primary care, funding models. This year’s event focused on the process of change itself. Change is not just about understanding the external pressures on the system, or responding to funding changes. It’s about answering the fundamental question of, “how do we successfully change what we’re doing to deliver better results?”

This Summit focused on changes to improve the health care system now. While best practices can’t be simply transferred from one organization to another, sharing successes and exchanging ideas can help improve health care change management performance. This event centered around changes that could be implemented immediately that would improve patient experiences and outcomes. Delegates gained valuable tools and strategies to help them successfully lead and manage change in their organization.

Featured Speakers from the 2015 event

Photo of John Brewer

John Brewer
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada

Dr. Michael Gardam
Chair, Medical Advisory, Committee
University Health Network

Photo of Dan Levitt

Dan Levitt
Executive Director
Tabor Village

Photo of Jennifer MacKenzie

Jennifer MacKenzie
Chief Operating Officer
Vancouver Coastal Health

Photo of Richard Mole

Richard Mole
President and Chief Executive Officer
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.

Photo of Dugald Seely

Dr. Dugald Seely
Executive Director
Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

Photo of Louis Thériault

Louis Thériault
Vice-President, Public Policy
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Ann Colbourne

Dr. Ann Colbourne
Senior Medical Director, Quality and Transformation
Alberta Health Services

Photo of Karmen Fittes

Karmen R. Fittes
Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Alberta Health Services

Photo of Pamela Winsor

Pamela Winsor
Director, Health System Strategies and Chief Marketing Officer
Medtronic of Canada Ltd.

Photo of Linda Carlson

Dr. Linda E. Carlson
Professor, Department of Oncology, Comming School of Medicine
University of Calgary

Photo of Mollie Cole

Mollie Cole
Manager, Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network
Alberta Health Services

Photo of Lynne Mansell

Lynne S. Mansell
Senior Provincial Director, Seniors Health and Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Networks
Alberta Health Services

Photo of Dianne Balon

Dianne Balon
Vice-President, Government
Alberta Blue Cross

Photo of Kevin Arnott

Kevin Arnott
The Prescription To Get Active Strategic Leadership Committee

Photo of Justin Balko

Dr. Justin Balko
Physician Lead
The Prescription To Get Active Strategic Leadership Committee


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“Overall excellent topic & looking forward to future events in this area.”

“Thank you. It’s a very informative and interactive conference.”

“Great topic for a conference. Valuable information, I left with tools to help affect change.”

“Very informative, enjoyed the opportunity to hear from people engaged in very interesting work!”

“I really enjoyed this conference. Excellent caliber of speakers.”

“Learned a lot of very interesting things. Much to think about coming out of this conference. Very well run, great venue, wonderful food.”

“Very well-run conference. John Brewer kept everything running on time and facilitated discussion by asking very interesting questions of the plenary speakers. Facility did a good job of hosting the event. Food and drinks were excellent, and they kept the room clean and didn’t disturb the attendees while they were working.”

“A healthy variance on change – well rounded, nice to see different viewpoints – nudging people to change combined with the various ways to change the face of health care. Well organized!”

“Valuable information – can be adapted in any work environment. Like the idea of “bottom-up” change.”