Upcoming Events

The Future Skills Centre 

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) will help Canadians prepare for, transition, and adapt to new jobs and a changing labour market.

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Strategic Foresight Virtual Workshop

Apply plausible scenarios for the future and using that knowledge to help you make decisions today.

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HRPA Qualifications

Select events qualify toward the Human Resources Professionals Association’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirement. Look for the CPD logo on applicable conference, workshop, and webinar pages.


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Cancellation Policy

COVID-19 and our events

We are monitoring COVID-19 closely. The well-being of our event attendees remains our primary concern. As a result, our events have gone virtual or postponed. Check out our list of events to find out more information.

Event Status Date
Better Workplace Conference 2020 Rescheduled Oct 26–30, 2020
Strategic Foresight Workshop Rescheduled Nov 3–19, 2020
Mental Health in the Capital 2020 Rescheduled Mar 30–31, 2021
Canadian Immigration Summit 2020 Rescheduled May 26–27, 2021
Value-Based Healthcare Canada: Second Summit Postponed
Sustainable Finance | Clean Energy Cancelled
The Next Recession Conference Cancelled
Indigenous STEM pathways: 2021 and beyond Cancelled


If your event is postponed

What if the new dates don’t work for me?

Your ticket will be transferable within your company. Should no one be available to attend, we can apply a credit to your account.

Will the agenda be the same?

COVID-19 will impact every facet of Canadian society. As always, The Conference Board of Canada will convene the most relevant experts to explore the current Canadian context. We will update the agenda and topics as we confirm availability with our speakers.

Will be accommodation be affected?

We are currently negotiating a partnership for accommodation.

If your event is cancelled

When can I expect my refund?

Please allow 30 days for us to refund your fees.

How will I know when my refund has been processed?

All registrants will receive an emailed refund notification including the refunded amount.