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Custom Research

The Centre for Municipal Studies team delivers quality custom economic research and analysis. Combining strong analytical, writing, and programming skills, our team can deliver custom analysis to meet your organizations needs across targeted business area, industry, CMA, region and country in both English and in French. Examples of contract research projects include economic impact analyses, economic model development, medium and long-term forecasts, and city benchmarking.

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Recent Custom Work

Calgary’s Downtown Office Market: Outlook and Impact

The Conference Board of Canada was commissioned by Calgary Economic Development (CED) to conduct a medium and long term forecast of Calgary’s downtown office market, including its assessed and total tax values, the results of which are detailed in this report. The report assesses prospects for this key economic wealth and tax revenue generator to assist CED and The City of Calgary in formulating strategies to address this challenging situation.

TwinHills Calgary—An Economic Impact Analysis

This report summarizes work conducted by The Conference Board of Canada to estimate the economic impacts of the professional services component of the TwinHills development project on Calgary. We assess the impact of the investment phase as well as the operations phase, once all the professional services employees are hired. The methodology we use allows us to calculate the direct, indirect, and induced impacts on both phases of the project. In other words, the study estimates the project’s multiplier effect, which links each dollar of new investment and production to a given increase in gross output, GDP, employment, wages, and tax revenues.

Medium-Term Economic Outlook for the Regional Municipality of York: Update

This study provided demographic and economic forecast data for the Regional Municipality of York, with the forecast running from 2017 to 2021. Data are provided for the York Region as a whole and for each of its nine municipalities: Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Whitchurch–Stouffville.

Reinventing the West: Sustainable Public Policies and Fiscal Regimes for the 21st Century

This report explores the extent to which urban and rural municipalities in Saskatchewan possess the necessary fiscal tools to support economic growth and prosperity and to tackle the pressures they are facing in Saskatchewan’s changing economic landscape. The report attempts to answer the following questions: Do urban municipalities have the fiscal capacity to foster sustainable growth? Will they be able to attract and retain business investment and people? Do rural municipalities have the fiscal capacity to help maintain and expand the transportation network? In other words, has Saskatchewan gone far enough to realign its suite of public policies to succeed in the 21st century economy?

Greater Vancouver Economic Scorecard 2016

This report assesses how Greater Vancouver performs in relation to 19 other international metropolitan regions on key economic and social indicators. The benchmarking analysis features 32 internationally comparable indicators for Greater Vancouver and 19 other global metro regions. Given the critical importance of the transportation sector to Vancouver’s economy, the comparator regions selected for the benchmarking analysis, aside from Calgary, are also well-known transportation gateways. In addition, 5 of the 32 indicators assess relative performance at local seaports and airports. They, along with 16 other indicators, are grouped into an Economy category that assesses general economic performance, while the 11 remaining indicators are grouped into a Social category that assesses liveability.

The report closes by looking forward: we consider the trends that will continue to shape Greater Vancouver in the coming years and decades.

Long-Term Population, Housing and Economic Forecast for Winnipeg

This study provides a long-term demographic, household, and economic forecast for the Winnipeg census metropolitan area, with the forecast running from 2015 to 2040. The analysis includes a forecast for all the key economic indicators, including GDP and employment by industry, income, and housing starts.

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