Employee Engagement: Driving Engagement From The Middle

The Conference Board of Canada, November 8, 2018
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The benefits of an engaged workforce are clear: increased productivity, decreased turnover, and improved business results. However, employee engagement has remained stubbornly low and relatively unchanged over the last five years. The Conference Board of Canada’s latest research suggests that middle managers are among the most important factors in employee engagement.

The degree to which employees are engaged depends greatly on the interactions with both senior organizational leadership and middle management. It is important to consider; however, how engaging middle managers can help engage their direct reports – complementing a larger employee engagement strategy. By identifying what drives manager engagement, organizations have the opportunity to improve engagement of this group and by extension, overall engagement.

Webinar Highlights

Join The Conference Board of Canada for a 60-minute recorded webinar that leverages our proprietary engagement model to answer the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between senior leader, manager and individual contributor engagement?
  • What are the drivers of engagement that matter most at each level of employee and why middle managers play such a vital role in ensuring engagement occurs successfully in Canadian organizations?
  • Where should organizations focus their efforts to improve middle manager engagement? i.e., what are the implications and opportunities to boost manager engagement and by extension, overall engagement?

About Colin

Photo of Colin HallColin Hall is an Associate Director with the Organizational Performance division of The Conference Board of Canada. Since joining the Board in October 2012, Colin has been actively involved in research and advisory services in the areas of learning, leadership, employee engagement as well as Human Resources Trends and Metrics.

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