Where Is Public Sector Financing and Risk Management Required? Financing a Clean Energy Growth Economy

The Conference Board of Canada, 10 pages, February 13, 2019
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This is the sixth briefing in a series on how the transition to a clean energy growth economy with lower GHG emissions will be financed.

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In the first briefing of this series, we emphasized that the private sector should become the dominant source of clean energy and emissions reduction financial services. However, the public sector will also have a critical role to play. This sixth briefing identifies where clean energy and emissions reduction financing is likely to be required from the public sector, and it focuses on capacity building. The briefing also identifies eight specific stages of the development and operationalization of the clean energy growth economy that would be prime candidates for financing and risk management provided or facilitated by governments. The briefing concludes by stating that governments and their entities should expect to continue playing a central role in providing financial capacity for the development of the clean growth and emissions reduction economy.

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