Diversity Reporting under the Spotlight

The Conference Board, Inc., 16 pages, July 24, 2020
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This report provides an overview of the current state of diversity reporting in Europe. We examine the benefits, drivers and barriers influencing disclosure practices and present some recommendations for companies to evolve their diversity disclosure.

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Publishing diversity metrics (such as the age and gender composition of employees) is an established feature of corporate sustainability reporting—where companies disclose their environmental, social, and economic practices, including related policies, targets, and impacts. Our view is that the current level of diversity and inclusion (D&I) disclosure in Europe lacks both sufficient breadth and depth to satisfy the diverse needs of external stakeholders and to address societal concerns about equality, equity and social inclusion. It is likely that stakeholders’ (e.g., investors and national governments) interest in D&I reporting will continue to increase, and it will be an increasingly important responsibility for D&I executives to manage both the risks and opportunities this brings.

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