The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s immigration research hub. Relying on in-house demographic, economic, and fiscal models, we have the unique ability to quantify the challenges associated with an aging demographic and evaluate policy assumptions around immigration and immigrants’ success in the labour market. Our work helps strengthen Canada’s immigration system.

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Why is immigration important to Canada?

Canada’s acceptance of immigrants demonstrates compassion and leadership, and enhances Canada’s global standing. See the stats that support this.

Online experience  |  8-min read
June 8, 2020

Can’t Go it Alone: Immigration Is Key to Canada’s Growth Strategy

By 2030, all 9.2 million of Canada’s most prominent worker cohort—the baby boomers—will be of retirement age. This reality, in combination with a low fertility rate, is placing increasing economic and fiscal pressure on Canada. As such, Canada needs to identify solutions to replenish those exiting the workforce in order to maintain its high living standards.

Briefing  |  15-min read
May 3, 2019

Turning the Corner: Improving Canadian Business Immigration

Given that more High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are on the move, Canada’s immigrant intake is rising, and HNWIs and other entrepreneur candidates are interested in moving to Canada, it is incumbent upon the federal and provincial governments to assess how they can better harness the qualities of such candidates to help grow the country’s economy.

Report  |  40-min read
March 12, 2019

Which Canadian province welcomes the most immigrants?

As Canada celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Provincial Nominee Program in 2018, it is worth assessing how the provinces fare in relation to each other in terms of their immigrant intake. We compare the provinces by total number of new arrivals and as a share of Canada’s population.

Commentary  |  7-min read
January 7, 2019

Enhancing Success: Canada’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs and International Trade

Canada needs to diversify and expand its international trade to strengthen its economy. Immigrant entrepreneurs are ideal for helping to advance Canada’s international trade agenda. However, when it comes to firm size, business survival rates, and export revenues, immigrant entrepreneurs underperform compared with their Canadian-born counterparts, due to unique challenges that they face.

Report  |  50-min read
May 28, 2018

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Canadian Immigration Virtual Summit 2021

Now in its seventh year, the Canadian Immigration Virtual Summit will explore how COVID-19 is impacting the immigration system and the lives of newcomers. It will also ask how Canada can leverage immigration to speed up economic recovery while continuing to offer a good quality of life for newcomers from around the world.

May 26–27, 2021  |  Virtual

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