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The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s largest private economic analysis and forecasting unit. Key services include medium- and long-term outlooks on the national, provincial/territorial, metropolitan, and industrial economies, as well as custom economic analysis and forecasting for our clients. We are here to help leaders cut through the noise and make informed decisions to build the Canada of tomorrow.

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Recent Reports

Can we afford Ottawa's 'Whatever fiscal firepower is needed?'

In a sparsely attended ceremony, Governor General Julie Payette delivered a speech detailing the government’s direction over their remaining mandate. The Speech highlighted a number of programs, targets and measures that address many important issues and challenges facing Canada and Canadians.

Quick take  |  5-min read

Trekking Our Trails

Canada is fortunate: It has a vast, well-connected network of trails that weave through built and natural environments alike. Trails provide character and access to cities, boost tourism, contribute to mental and physical health, and help relieve stress on the natural ecosystem.

Online experience  |  2-min read

Responding to Automation, How Adaptable is Canada’s Labour Market?

Technological change has always affected how humans organize and work. Rapid technological change makes it more critical than ever that Canadian leaders understand how the adoption of new technologies impacts Canada’s labour markets.

Issue briefing  |  10-min read

Uneven recovery: Provincial Outlook, Summer 2020

Outlook for Saskatchewan and New Brunswick now available. As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, countries mandated lockdowns to slow the transmission of the disease—economic activity ground to a halt. The pandemic-led shutdown in Canada produced a deep and synchronized impact on economic activity across all provinces in March and April.

Impact paper  |  25-min read

Bracing for Automation: What Are Canada’s Most Vulnerable Jobs?

In an era of lightning-fast technological change, it’s more important than ever that Canadian leaders understand how the adoption of new technologies will impact Canada’s labour force.

Online experience  |  4-min read

Business confidence rises, but investment intentions remain grim

In The Conference Board of Canada’s latest survey of business leaders, business confidence has partially rebounded from its lowest level on record last April.

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US Outlook Webinar: Comeback in the Midst of Huge Uncertainty

The U.S. economy is starting to emerge from the devastation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. While real GDP dropped in the second quarter of 2020, we expect a sharp rebound in growth in the second half of this year and into 2021. However, our outlook depends crucially on a successful containment of the virus, something that has turned out to be challenging especially in Southern states like Florida.

Webinar  |  November 10, 2020 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Business confidence survey

Since 1977, we have surveyed senior Canadian business executives to put together the Index of Business Confidence. The Bank of Canada uses this quarterly index to help measure capacity and inflation pressures as it sets monetary and financial markets policy.

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The Survey of forecasters is a quarterly survey that reflects the opinions of Canada’s top forecasting organizations and their outlook for the Canadian economy.

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