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Who Partners with the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education?

The SPSE appeals to partners from both the public and private sectors. Membership from a range of these organizations helps to ensure a balanced and holistic approach.

Public sector organizations have a strong interest in the future of Canada’s PSE sector and the skills that it produces. They are responsible for the policy and regulatory environment in which the sector operates. In addition, they understand the inter-connections between PSE, skills, and Canada’s economic and social systems. They are also familiar with the complexities and inter-relationships among federal departments and among these departments and their provincial counterparts.

Private sector firms have a strong interest in PSE’s future because it produces the skilled people they employ, and provides expertise that can be brought to bear in supporting corporate R&D, management, and innovation. As a source of advanced skills and expertise, Canada's PSE systems are fundamentally important to firm-level performance and competitiveness, both domestically and internationally.

The Centre is funded through membership fees from participating organizations. Centre members include post-secondary institutions, foundations, governments, businesses and key players from the not-for-profit sector. 


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