Clearing the Air With a Complex System: A Pan-Canadian Approach to Carbon Pricing and Reducing GHG Emissions

The Conference Board of Canada, 100 pages, July 4, 2018
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This report looks at the carbon pricing policies and systems across Canada.

Document Highlights

  • Carbon pricing is a pillar of the Pan-Canadian Framework (PCF) on Clean Growth and Climate Change, the governments’ road map for meeting Canada’s commitment to reduce its GHG emissions to 30 per cent below 2005’s levels by 2030.
  • Benchmark criteria have been set by the federal government for provinces and territories developing their own carbon pricing systems.
  • A federal carbon pricing backstop is meant to apply, in part or in whole, where the benchmark criteria is not met or where a carbon pricing system is not in place as of 2019.
  • By 2019, it is anticipated that carbon pricing will be in effect across Canada. At least $6.1 billion will be collected by governments across Canada in carbon revenues for fiscal year 2018–19.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction and Context

Chapter 2—Federal-Level Carbon Pricing Approach

  • Carbon Pricing Mechanisms
  • Carbon Pricing Revenues
  • Interaction With Provincial and Territorial Carbon Pricing Schemes
  • National Metrics

Chapter 3—Carbon Pricing Across Canada

  • Atlantic Canada
  • Central Canada
  • Western Canada
  • Northern Territories
  • Provincial/Territorial Summary

Chapter 4—Policy Considerations for a Pan-Canadian Approach to Carbon Pricing

  • Carbon Pricing’s Role in Reducing Canada’s GHGs, and its Economic Impacts
  • Effective Use of Carbon Pricing Revenues
  • Compliance of Canada’s Carbon Pricing Systems With the Federal Benchmark
  • Carbon Competitiveness
  • Conclusion

Appendix A—Carbon Pricing Systems Across Canada

Appendix B—Bibliography

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