Palliative Care Matters: Fostering Change in Canadian Health Care

The Conference Board of Canada, 77 pages, May 10, 2017
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This report synthesizes the key themes of the recommendations developed through the Palliative Care Matters initiative, provides insights on the strategies that could be adopted, and identifies next steps.

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Palliative Care Matters (PCM) was launched in June 2016 to ensure all Canadians with life-limiting illness have timely access to high-quality, coordinated, and integrated palliative care. The main objectives of the initiative are to foster a conversation between the public, researchers, and health system leaders about what Canadians need and expect in relation to palliative and end-of-life care; and to develop a pan-Canadian consensus statement and recommendations on how Canada can move forward to improve access to quality palliative care.

Palliative Care Matters: Fostering Change in Canadian Health Care synthesizes the key themes and aspirations of the recommendations, and provides insights on the mechanisms and strategies that could be adopted to realize those aspirations. The report also identifies potential next steps.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1–The Palliative Care Matters Initiative

  • Introduction
  • Background and Context
  • The Three Phases of the PCM Initiative

Chapter 2–The Research and Lay Panel Recommendations

  • The Research Questions
  • The Lay Panel Recommendations

Chapter 3–Identifying Opportunities for Change in Canadian Health Care

  • Immediate Opportunities
  • Medium-Term Opportunities
  • Long-Term Opportunities

Chapter 4–Bridging Recommendations and Action

  • A National Palliative Care Strategy
  • Education, Training, and Standards for Health Professionals
  • Caregiver Supports
  • National Secretariat, National Centre of Research
  • Public Awareness Campaign
  • An Amended Canada Health Act

Chapter 5–Fostering Change: A Call to Action

  • Begin with Patients and the Public as Experts
  • Develop a Better Understanding of the Landscape
  • Move From Organic to Strategic to Implementation
  • Workforce Planning Is Essential
  • Foster Current Opportunities in Home and Community Care

Appendix A–Bibliography

Appendix B–Overview of National Reports

Appendix C–Key Findings From Expert Panel Reports

Appendix D–Consensus Statement of the Palliative Care Matters Lay Panel (abridged)

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