Smoking Cessation and the Workplace: Briefing 1—Profile of Tobacco Smokers in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 14 pages, April 11, 2013
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This first in a series of three briefings focuses on smoking in the workplace. It discusses why employers have a role in an integrated approach to smoking cessation programs.

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In Canada in 2002 just over 16 per cent of all deaths were attributed to cigarette smoking. Although Canada is a global leader in tobacco control, 17.3 per cent of Canadians smoke tobacco. Given the risks and costs from tobacco use, there is still significant room to reduce smoking among Canadians.

Smoking Cessation and the Workplace comprises a series of three briefings. The first is entitled Profile of Tobacco Smokers in Canada. This will be followed by Access and Effectiveness of Workplace Smoking Cessation Programs and Current and Future Impact of Workplace Smoking Cessation Programs.

Briefing 1 explores smoking prevalence in Canada and probes smoking from the perspective of the employed population. A better understanding of the profile of smokers in this population group will help form strategies that employers can adopt to reduce smoking among their workforce.

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