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The Conference Board® Global Consumer Confidence Index was unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2019. The lack of momentum raises concerns about the durability of global consumer...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 17 pages | January 2020
The Labour Relations Outlook 2020 informs labour, management, and policy-makers about issues that will influence labour relations and collective bargaining in Canada over the...
The Conference Board of Canada | 51 pages | January 2020 | by Natalie Arruda
This report summarizes the main discussion points of the roundtable session with Dr. Susan Black, President and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada, at the Board’s 2019 Inclusive...
The Conference Board of Canada | 2 pages | January 2020
This quarterly report focuses on the latest economic developments in the U.S. economy, tracking trends in labour, consumer, energy and housing markets, and examining industries...
The Conference Board of Canada | | January 2020 | by Kip Beckman
A consistent theme in crisis and disaster studies has been the opportunities embedded in situations that are most often seen as entirely negative, threatening, uncertain and harmful...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | January 2020
What challenges are CEOs and C-suite executives anticipating for the coming year? For the second consecutive year, recession risk is the top external concern—despite leading economic...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 36 pages | January 2020
Participation in employee-led groups is growing globally as the groups evolve and expand from their traditional focus on demographic similarities to include a wider range of group...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 30 pages | January 2020
This quarterly economic forecast presents the short-term outlook for Canada’s provinces.
The Conference Board of Canada | 104 pages | January 2020
This bi-monthly publication from the Canadian Tourism Research Institute features articles that outline key trends for the travel industry.
The Conference Board of Canada | 9 pages | January 2020 | by The Canadian Tourism Research Institute
A review of shareholder and management proposals brought to a vote in the last few proxy seasons and a preview of what to expect in 2020.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 249 pages | January 2020
This issue briefing explores how small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) can meet energy demand and help tackle climate change, and provides recommendations for Canada’s global competitiveness...
The Conference Board of Canada | 16 pages | January 2020 | by Babatunde Olateju
The composite leading index of the Canadian economy sums up the performance of nine components that track the short-term course of the economy.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | January 2020 | by Cory Renner
The monthly Metropolitan housing starts publication provides the recent trends in housing starts for 29 metropolitan areas and expectations for starts over both the short and long...
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | January 2020 | by Jane McIntyre
Ce résumé trimestriel reproduit, dans ses grandes lignes, la Note de conjoncture provinciale qui donne les perspectives économiques à court terme de chacune des provinces canadiennes.
Le Conference Board du Canada | | January 2020
Despite challenges, a slight uptick in Emerging Markets growth is likely for 2020.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 7 pages | December 2019
Despite improvement in Q4, US growth will be moderate in 2020.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 8 pages | December 2019
Recession risks increase in the Euro Area.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 9 pages | December 2019
Monthly economic series report.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 15 pages | December 2019
The monthly Metropolitan resale snapshot provides an overview of the existing home market and expectations for existing home price growth over the short term for 29 areas.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | December 2019 | by Robin Wiebe
The monthly Index of consumer confidence is constructed from responses to four attitudinal questions posed to a random sample of Canadian households.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | December 2019 | by Cory Renner