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Meet Our Team

Pedro Antunes
Pedro Antunes
Chief Economist

Pedro Antunes manages a team of talented economists in producing medium and long-term economic forecasts along with economic indicators and reports. He delivers presentations on these forecasts to clients and the public and is often cited in the media.

Pedro joined The Conference Board of Canada as an economist in 1991, after working with the Canadian Forecasting Group at the Bank of Canada. He has moved progressively into more senior positions. Prior to his current role, Pedro was Deputy Chief Economist of our National and Provincial forecast team, and was responsible for custom research work and economic analysis.

In addition to the regular forecast publications, Pedro has been researching the impact of demographic change on the fiscal sustainability of health care, productivity, and long-term economic growth. He has contributed to several international projects, helping decision-makers in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Ukraine develop appropriate forecasting and policy analysis tools.

Pedro earned a Bachelor of Economics from Bishops University and an MA in Economics from Queens University.

Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart
Director, National Forecast, Forecasting and Analysis

As Director of Economics, Matthew Stewart oversees the production of the Conference Board’s Canadian Outlook publication, a quarterly report on Canada’s economy, the Conference Board’s Fiscal Snapshot reports, a series of reports that review of the finances and budget of each province, and the Canadian Long-Term Economic Outlook, a bi-annual report that details the long-term outlook for the Canadian economy.

Matthew's custom research work ranges from determining the economic impact of a carbon tax and the cost of achieving Canada's Paris commitment to a supply and demand model for physicians based on risk factors, disease incidence, prevalence and mortality.

Matt has a MA (Economics) from McMaster University and a BA (Honours Economics) from The University of Western Ontario.

Daniel Fields
Daniel Fields
Economist, National Forecast

Daniel joined the National Economic Forecast team in 2013. His key responsibilities include monitoring the fiscal situation within the various levels of government and contributing to a wide variety of ongoing fiscal projects such as the Fiscal Snapshots Series. These reports look at the current condition of provincial economics and their government's fiscal challenges by providing a short- and medium term outlook in areas such as tax revenue and federal transfers as well as spending in key categories such as health care and education. This analysis feeds into the provincial forecast, where Daniel completes the output forecast for government spending. Daniel also completes the outlook for Prince Edward Island.

Daniel received his M.A. in economics from Queen's University, and also holds a B.Math. in economics and statistics from Carleton University.

Jo-Leen Folz
Jo-Leen Folz
Network Officer

Jo-Leen is Network Officer for the Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations, Centre for the North and National Immigration Centre. Jo-Leen works closely with the Directors of each Centre in key functions such as business development, client relationship management, website maintenance, agenda building and coordination of research Centre meetings. In addition to her roles within the three Centre's,

Jo-Leen is a college graduate with over 15 years of work experience in office administration and project coordination.

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