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Notable Reports

Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores, NePTF Recommendations for the Implementation of Electronic Prescriptions in Canada, 2009 (PDF)

Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores, Study: Analysis of the Costs to Deliver Pharmacy Professional Services to Residents of Ontario Long-Term Care Facilities, 2009 (PDF)

Canadian Diabetes Association (contracted by), An Economic Tsunami: The Cost of Diabetes in Canada, 2009 (PDF)

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, CLHIA Report on Health Care Policy—Towards a Sustainable, Accessible, Quality Public Health Care System, 2009 (PDF)

Canadian Ophthalmological Association, The Cost of Vision Loss in Canada, Summary Report 2, 2010 (PDF)

Canadian Ophthalmological Association, Eye Care Utilization in Canada: Disparity in the Publicly Funded Health Care System, 2011 (PDF)

Centre for Study of Living Standards, The Measurement of Output and Productivity in the Health Care Sector in Canada: An Overview, 2007 (PDF)

First Nations Information Governance Centre, First Nations Regional Health Survey 2008/10, Preliminary Results

Frank Richter, Public Policy Forum, Innovating Health: Public Engagement in Health Technology Assessments and Coverage Decisions, 2011

TD Bank Financial Group, Charting a Path to Sustainable Health Care in Ontario: 10 Proposals to Restrain Cost Growth Without Compromising Quality of Care, 2010 (PDF)

Urban Futures, Sustainable: British Columbia’s Health Care System and Our Aging Population, 2010 (PDF)

VON Canada, Curtailing the Costs of Caring for Employers and Employees: What Every CEO Should Know, 2010 (PDF); Balancing Paid Work and Caregiving Responsibilities: A Closer Look at Family Caregivers in Canada, 2009