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Executive Networks

The Conference Board’s Executive Networks allow you to engage with senior leaders and to participate in facilitated closed-door discussions with peers from public, Aboriginal and private sector organizations. In addition to the peer-to-peer networking, you will also benefit from the Conference Board’s unparalleled access to a broad range of expert speakers.

Networking Councils

Networking Councils allow you to interact regularly with leaders like yourself representing various sectors and organizations. Council members discuss the current issues and challenges, learn best practices and take-away practical suggestions to use in their organizations. The Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations (CCAR) is the networking Council within this knowledge area.

Research Centres

Participants in Research Centres get all the benefits of Networking Councils as well as the opportunity to be part of shaping research and communications activities conducted by the Conference Board. The Centre for the North (CFN) is the Research Centre within the Northern and Aboriginal knowledge area.

The Conference Board currently operates two networks that support advances in the areas of Northern and Aboriginal policy.

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Latest Research

Thumbnail image of briefing cover Finding the Win-Win in Major Project Agreements: Lessons From Indigenous Groups and Industry Proponents

Contact Us

For more about Northern and Aboriginal Policy, please contact:

Stefan Fournier
Senior Manager, Executive Networks, Northern and Aboriginal Policy

Adam Fiser
Senior Research Associate

Beverley Hinterhoeller
Events and Marketing Coordinator, Public Policy