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Technology and Innovation

The Conference Board actively addresses innovation, and the functional management of knowledge, skills, and technology within organizations—as well as strategic policy issues that relate these factors to competitiveness. The practice integrates Conference Board expertise in the management of technology, knowledge management, connectedness, information technology, organizational effectiveness, leadership, partnerships, education, learning, economics, regulation and taxation. We nurture and deliver this expertise through an interactive mix of executive networks, public conferences, workshops, study tours, publications and customized research.

The Technology and Innovation practice is aligned with The Conference Board of Canada’s Public Policy Division, bringing valuable insights to leaders that have the ability to bring about change.”

How We Can Help You

  • Learn and explore best practices that you can apply directly within your organization to improve performance
  • Grow your professional network and enhance your personal development through joining our Executive Networks and Councils
  • Tap into and leverage our expertise in technology, innovation, commercialization, and SME issues
  • Engage us to compete research work, providing you with critical insights
  • Request us as a speaker for your event or with your team
  • Take part in our executive study tours to places like MIT and Palo Alto
  • Learn and engage with executive peers in your field from across the country

Technology and Innovation Blog

To Patent or Not to Patent …?

September 30, 2014

To Succeed, We Need to Learn From Failure

September 17, 2014

Is It Possible to Change a Knowledge Management Culture Without Addressing Organizational Culture?

July 21, 2014

Upcoming Activities

Innovation by Design: Lessons from MIT Webinar (November 20, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EST)

MIT has invested in creating the space and conditions needed to breed innovation, and scholars at the university have taken the time to study the results of their investment and turn it into something that can be taught, learnt, and done by design. This webinar will outline three specific initiatives at MIT (innovation ecosystems, sandboxes, and big data) that exemplify the power of cross-pollination and lessons learned through innovative design and implementation.

Effectively Navigating and Managing Technology-driven Change (January 2015)

The Conference Board of Canada, with the support of the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), will bring together leaders from small and medium sized enterprises to discuss ways you can be ready and adaptable to the transformative power of enhanced technology-driven change management that can improve your bottom line.

Cyber Security and Insider Threat: Effective Strategies for Defending Your Data and Organization (February 18–19, 2015)

At this conference, find out from the experts and your peers how they are defending their organizations from attacks from inside and outside. Learn about the latest technology you can use to identify and stop threats as well as the best practices that address the human side of this issue.

How Can Knowledge Management Drive Innovation?

Knowledge management is often thought of as simply a function within an organization, a necessary but fairly straightforward task akin to accounting. What if effective knowledge management essentially brings ideas and creative communities together in a way that drives innovation forward?

A future briefing will highlight knowledge management best practices and examine a series of case studies/examples where they have been successfully employed to drive innovation.

MIT Executive Session—October 23–24, 2013

Report based on recent MIT Executive Session coming soon!

Participants of the Council for IT Executives and the Council for Innovation and Commercialization joined together in a 2-day executive summit at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, MA. These two days were spent networking and learning in sessions focused on IT value, productivity and innovation, with an emphasis on the use of new information and communication technologies within the organization. The world's most innovative thought leaders on innovation: Michael Schrage, Eric von Hippel, Alex “Sandy” Pentland and George Westerman of the MIT Sloan School of Management presented and held Q&A sessions. Contact us for more information about this event.

Available Now

Adopting Digital Technology: the Path for SMEs—Complimentary Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada released the report: Adopting Digital Technology: the Path for SMEs which addresses how the adoption of technology amongst SMEs has greatly improved their productivity. During this 60 minute webinar, Sarah Dimick, report author, brought the report findings to life.

What Canadian CIOs Can Do to Help Drive Innovation

The Conference Board of Canada has released The New CIO Value Proposition: Leading Innovation for Business Value and Growth, a report that addresses how the human element impacts innovation at a corporate level.

This webinar with Sarah Dimick, report author, brings the report findings to life. She hones in on the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs)—once the knowledge base touch point and key strategist, and now changing and growing to include innovation.

Coming to You Out of California

CIO Council Report In November 2012, the CIO Council met in Palo Alto California to explore the theme of Innovation and Execution. Throughout a full 3 days, Members heard from IT/Innovation thought leaders Robert Burgelman, Haim Mendelson, Baba Shiv, and William Miller from Stanford University, participated in a tour of the Google Megaplex campus and Google Labs, took part in an Innovation Workshop with IDEO and benefited from fantastic networking opportunities. A report has been published highlighting the main points of the Summit while including various perspectives of several individual CIOs present.


“The Council for Innovation and Commercialization provides an outstanding forum for networking with experts in technology and innovation. The thought provoking seminars and discussions provide a wealth of ideas which can be applied within your own industry.”

—Dr. Paul Smith, Vice President of the Xerox Research Centre

“A wise investment for extremely valuable open and unbiased peer networking not found anywhere else in Canada!”

—John A. Hill, Chief Information Security Officer, Enbridge

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What is Innovation?

The Conference Board of Canada defines innovation as a process through which economic or social value is extracted from knowledge—through the creation, diffusion, and transformation of ideas—to produce new or improved products, services, or processes.

Latest Research and Reports


Adopting Digital Technologies: The Path for SMEs
(The Conference Board of Canada, 13 pages, February 2014)


Leading Innovation for Business Value and Growth
(The Conference Board of Canada, 14 pages, November 2013)


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