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Leadership, Learning and Organization Research

What We Do

As Jack Welch once said “an organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” To realize that advantage, organizations need strong leaders, skilled and engaged employees, as well as organizational systems and structures that are efficient and agile to keep pace with the changing business environment.

The Leadership, Learning and Organization practice at the Conference Board of Canada provides organizations and leaders with current thought leadership, benchmarking and custom advisory services in areas such as:

  • Leadership development strategies and frameworks
  • Custom surveys and assessments (individual and multi-rater)
  • Talent management strategies
  • Succession management
  • Performance management
  • Organization design and management structure review
  • Change management strategies
  • Workplace learning strategies and assessments

Executive Networks

Our executive networks offer members a collaborative community where experienced practitioners in their respective fields with similar roles and responsibilities in organizations and industries across Canada discuss trends, challenges and success stories to continue to build on and improve best practices in their roles.



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Colin Hall
Associate Director, Learning, Leadership and Organization

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