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Human Resource Management

The Conference Board of Canada provides you with strategic information on current human resource management challenges as well as a Canadian perspective on trends in human resource management.

Topics covered:

  • compensation planning
  • reward strategies
  • benefit programs
  • health and wellness
  • industrial relations
  • employee engagement
  • work–life issues
  • performance management

HR Workshops

HR Blog

Is Sitting Killing You? Break Up Your Day!

September 05, 2014

Standing Up to the Health Risks of Sitting Down

January 29, 2014

The Rewards of Union Membership

January 20, 2014

Executive Networks

  • Council for Learning and Leadership Development
  • Compensation Research Centre
  • Council on Diversity and Talent Management—West
  • Council of Industrial Relations Executives
  • Council on Workplace Health and Wellness
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—National
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—East
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—West
  • Council on Inclusive Work Environments
  • Strategic Human Resources Management Council


HR West 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Sep 30-October 2, Vancouver)
HR 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Oct 6-7, Toronto)
Public Sector Social Media 2014 ( Oct 20-21, Ottawa)

Human Resource Management Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Human Resource Management service.

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Work-Life Return on Investment

This 60-minute session will explore how organizations are aligning work-life balance practices with their broader HR strategies, and integrating them into their business objectives.

Recorded Webinar | September 2009 | Donna Lero, Kathryn Zettel | The Conference Board of Canada

Building Risk Awareness into Performance: Integrating ERM and Performance Management

This report explores the reasons behind the lack of ERM and performance management integration through an examination of the results of a survey of 97 senior executives.

Report | 23 pages | September 2009 | Ellen S. Hexter, Daniel Sandy Bayer | The Conference Board, Inc.

A Perfect Match? How Nonprofits Are Tapping into the Boomer Talent Pool

This report explores the growing trend of nonprofits to recruit boomers and the things both sides need to do to make this very promising relationship work.

Report | 53 pages | August 2009 | Jill Casner-Lotto, Diane Piktialis | The Conference Board, Inc.

Learning and Development Outlook 2009: Learning in Tough Times

Organizations are trimming employee training opportunities—perhaps partly because Canadian organizations are learning more informally than in the past. This report includes benchmarks that organizations can use to measure their own training functions.

Report | 72 pages | August 2009 | Alison Howard, P. Derek Hughes | The Conference Board of Canada

Positioning for Growth in Better Economic Times

This webcast will help Human Resource Executives better understand the human capital drivers of successful restructuring and key considerations throughout the phases of restructuring.

Recorded Webinar | July 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Ill-Prepared U.S. Workforce

This report raises several questions concerning the overall effectiveness of workforce readiness training programs.

Report | 22 pages | July 2009 | Jill Casner-Lotto, Mary Wright | The Conference Board, Inc.

Relieving Pressures to Eliminate Jobs

Brief reports, produced weekly by the Conference Board, Inc., that address the most pressing business issues of the day.

Executive Action Report | 7 pages | July 2009 | Howard Muson | The Conference Board, Inc.

Is Your Company Socially Relevant

We will take you beyond what was presented at the Strategic E-HR Conference on February 5th in San Diego for a deep dive into the key issues and take away points of the presentation.

Recorded Webinar | July 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Business Ethics and Compliance–Effective Best Practices in Challenging Times

This webcast will discuss how maintaining an effective program in these challenging times requires us to make the most of existing resources.

Recorded Webinar | July 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Succession Management—Strategies in Times of Crisis

This webcast will show participants how to expand their perceptions and approaches to consider the rapidly changing environment, and the significant part that succession planning can play in a company’s talent management strategies.

Recorded Webinar | July 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Implementing Strategic Workforce Planning

This report highlights the implementation process for Strategic Workforce Planning---from simply connecting business strategy and HR strategy to becoming an input to business strategy that informs executive decision making.

Report | 58 pages | July 2009 | Mary B. Young | The Conference Board, Inc.

Evidence-Based Human Resources: A Practitioner's Guide

This guide to Evidence-Based Human Resources provides practitioners with real live examples from early adopters of this innovative approach to human capital management.

Report | 18 pages | June 2009 | John Gibbons, Christopher Woock | The Conference Board, Inc.

2009 Top Talent: New Strategies for a New Reality

Not many months ago, talent management professionals were focused on succession, recruitment, retention, and engagement. Things have changed so dramatically and so quickly that many organizations now face an uncertain future. In this environment, effective leadership is critical to the success and even survival of entire sectors. This Conference e-Proceedings brings together leading talent management experts to discuss workforce rationalization, employee engagement at all levels of the organization, leadership development, and long-term strategic workforce planning.

Conference e-Proceedings | June 2009 | The Conference Board of Canada

Mission Accomplished? What Every Leader Should Know about Survivor Syndrome

This Executive Action report explores the concept of "survivor syndrome," how it materializes, and what to do about it.

Executive Action Report | 10 pages | June 2009 | Stephanie J. Creary, Lara Rosner | The Conference Board, Inc.

Designing and Delivering Engaging Competency-Based Inclusion Training

This webcast will discuss how companies can best work toward a common mission through analyzing the learning outcomes, methodologies, and curriculum elements of their Diversity and inclusion programs.

Recorded Webinar | June 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

New Economics of Workplace Health and Well-Being

This Conference e-Proceedings examines how to optimize your workplace health investment to support your workforce during a downturn. Compare your approach to the best practices of Canada’s most productive and healthy workplaces, and learn about breakthrough concepts to increase the return on your workplace health and well-being investment. Join leading experts and practitioners to discuss how to proactively manage employee health risks, stay attuned to employee stress indicators, and access the resources required to implement best practice solutions.

Conference e-Proceedings | May 2009 | The Conference Board of Canada

HR Leaders' Forum on Workplace Change

The global financial and economic turmoil is unprecedented. Its impact on your workplace is already being felt, and forecasts suggest the instability will continue for months—or even years. This Conference e-Proceedings features the Conference Board’s top speakers discussing today’s greatest workplace challenges—including how to improve productivity, leadership essentials for managing in uncertain times, diversity and inclusiveness, and talent management during periods of change.

Conference e-Proceedings | May 2009 | The Conference Board of Canada

Action Plans for Dealing With a Global Pandemic

This report summarizes the business and health lessons from previous epidemics and provides important insights to managers about dealing previous epidemics and provides important insights to managers about dealing with today's pandemic-related issues.

Executive Action Report | 10 pages | May 2009 | Carolyn Cavicchio | The Conference Board, Inc.

Prioritizing People Investments to Optimize for Today While Preparing for Tomorrow

This webcast will discuss why it is more important than ever for organizations to develop or refresh their people strategy to ensure that they protect their critical organizational capabilities as they optimize for today while preparing for the future.

Recorded Webinar | April 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Maximizing Human Capital: Employees with Disabilities: Building Your Leadership Pipeline

In this webcast, we investigate best practices for maximizing development and advancement strategies for one particular group of employees: those with disabilities.

Webinar | April 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

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Compensation and Benefits Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Compensation and Benefits service.

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Compensation Planning

Map showing the Average Salary Increases 2013 by Region in Canada

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Infographic

ROI from Wellness Programs