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Human Resource Management

The Conference Board of Canada provides you with strategic information on current human resource management challenges as well as a Canadian perspective on trends in human resource management.

Topics covered:

  • compensation planning
  • reward strategies
  • benefit programs
  • health and wellness
  • industrial relations
  • employee engagement
  • work–life issues
  • performance management

HR Workshops

HR Blog

Standing Up to the Health Risks of Sitting Down

January 29, 2014

The Rewards of Union Membership

January 20, 2014

Minding What Matters: Gaps in Programs for Employees With Mental Health Issues Persist

January 15, 2014

Executive Networks

  • Council for Learning and Leadership Development
  • Compensation Research Centre
  • Council on Diversity and Talent Management—West
  • Council of Industrial Relations Executives
  • Council on Workplace Health and Wellness
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—National
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—East
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—West
  • Council on Inclusive Work Environments
  • Strategic Human Resources Management Council


HR West 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Oct 1-2, Vancouver)
HR 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Oct 6-7, Toronto)
Public Sector Social Media 2014 ( Oct 20-21, Ottawa)

Human Resource Management Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Human Resource Management service.

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Changing Attitudes to Work - What Should HR Do?

Participants at The Conference Board’s European Human Resources Council Summit issue a set of management recommendations to deal with changing work attitudes.

Executive Action Report | March 2009 | Virginia Marsh | The Conference Board, Inc.

Managing Employee Engagement through a Generational Lens: What Has Changed?

Two experts on multi-generational issues will explore what it takes to keep employees contributing at high levels through a real-world look at the new realities of a tough talent environment.

Recorded Webinar | March 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

2009 Public Sector Human Resources: Talent, Leadership, and Performance

Demographic change is no longer news, but its public sector impact is becoming more obvious. Key personnel are eligible to retire shortly, and replacing them is a challenge. In order to increase or maintain performance, it’s essential to sustain leadership while transferring knowledge. Retention is critical, as is the optimization of existing talent to ensure continued operation and performance. This Conference e-Proceedings will help you address these and other talent management challenges that the public sector is currently facing.

Conference e-Proceedings | February 2009 | The Conference Board of Canada

Maximizing Human Capital: Employees with Disabilities-Are New Entrants Really Ready to Work?

In this webcast, we investigate best practices for maximizing recruitment strategies for one particular group of employees: those with disabilities.

Recorded Webinar | 1 page | February 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Industrial Relations Outlook: Managing Expectations in Uncertain Times

Management and labour will be bargaining in a weakened state in 2009. Real wage gains are unlikely, and issues related to the aging workforce, accessibility and funding of pensions, and labour shortages must be addressed.

Report | 32 pages | February 2009 | David K. Shepherdson | The Conference Board of Canada

Elevating the Strategic Relevance and Practical Value of HR

This webcast will discuss how to elevate the human resources (HR) role to bring business value to your company.

Recorded Webinar | 1 page | February 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Integrating Training and Capability Development with Talent Management: Collaborative Metrics

This webcast will discuss making the business case for achieving best business results.

Recorded Webinar | 1 page | February 2009 | The Conference Board, Inc.

2008 Workplace Diversity and Inclusiveness Forum

Many organizations fail to tap the full potential of their workforce because of attitudinal prejudices and systematic barriers related to age, race, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. This Conference e-Proceedings features an unequalled lineup of award winners and respected private and public sector diversity and inclusiveness experts. It also presents original Conference Board research on how to integrate new immigrants into your workforce. Learn from the innovators on how to create a more inclusive, high-performance organization that capitalizes on the diversity of its individual employees.

Conference e-Proceedings | January 2009 | The Conference Board of Canada

Board Practices in Canadian Crown Corporations—2008

This report summarizes the results of the Conference Board’s biennial survey of the compensation, composition, and practices of Canadian Crown boards. It highlights the work being done by Crown corporations in the area of corporate governance.

Report | 19 pages | December 2008 | Anthony Beck | The Conference Board of Canada

Grappling with Remuneration in Emerging Markets

Participants will be provided with guidelines for when and how to embody Global Reward framework flexibility for these unusual economies.

Recorded Webinar | 1 page | November 2008 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Meeting the Challenges of a Dispersed Workforce: Managing Across Language, Culture, Time and Location

This Working Group Report discusses issues like payoff from effective distance management, and selecting and developing employees for distance work.

Report | 40 pages | November 2008 | Peter Linkow | The Conference Board, Inc.

Harnessing the Power: Recruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Mature Workers

This report provides information on what organizations are doing to attract, engage, and retain the mature workforce, and is based on a survey of 109 mid-sized to large Canadian employers.

Report | 35 pages | October 2008 | Karla Thorpe | The Conference Board of Canada

Ready to Innovate

This report presents the results of a survey of executives and school superintendents, and offers an overview of the current efforts both communities are making to encourage creativity in schools and workplaces.

Report | 16 pages | October 2008 | Nathan Ainspan, James Lichtenberg, Christopher Woock, Mary Wright | The Conference Board, Inc.

HR 2008: Transforming Talent with Influential Leadership

Effective leadership throughout an organization is essential to maximize employee potential and performance. Innovative HR organizations are striving for a new level of employee motivation, where people are committed to the organization’s purpose and values and are proud of their knowledge and contribution. This Conference e-Proceedings will teach you how HR can lead through influence and better align the workforce’s efforts and perspectives with the business strategy. Examine how to motivate your leaders and high-potential employees, increase loyalty, and fully capitalize on the energy and passion of your people.

Conference e-Proceedings | October 2008 | The Conference Board of Canada

Leadership, Governance, and Accountability: A Pathway to a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

This report has profiled organizations that have strategically aligned diversity and inclusion practices with general business goals.

Report | 23 pages | September 2008 | Stephanie J. Creary | The Conference Board, Inc.

Promoted to Fail? How Executive Coaching Can Improve Performance in Newly Promoted Executives

Brief reports, produced weekly by the Conference Board, Inc., that address the most pressing business issues of the day.

Executive Action Report | 6 pages | September 2008 | Rick Koonce | The Conference Board, Inc.

The 2008 Executive Coaching Fee Survey

This report offers an analysis of the rates organizations pay for executive coaching services.

Report | 16 pages | August 2008 | Sheri Rothman, Lee WanVeer | The Conference Board, Inc.

Financial Challenges Still the Top Priority, but HR Concerns Increasing: Findings From the 2008 Survey of Pension Risk

CFOs are changing their views on the extent of the pension funding crisis. These changes may give HR executives more input into pension plan design for attraction and retention.

Report | 24 pages | July 2008 | Karen DeBortoli, Ian Markham, Gilles Rheaume, Terence Yuen | The Conference Board of Canada

Bridging the Gaps: How to Transfer Knowledge in Today's Multigenerational Workplace

This report/guide discusses the dynamics of knowledge transfer and explains how to apply any of 15 methods for facilitating the flow of information and insight from those who have it to those who need it.

Report | 66 pages | July 2008 | Kent Greenes, Diane Piktialis | The Conference Board, Inc.

Women's Leadership: Revitalizing Women's Initiatives

Brief reports, produced weekly by the Conference Board, Inc., that address the most pressing business issues of the day.

Executive Action Report | 5 pages | July 2008 | Toddi Gutner | The Conference Board, Inc.

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Compensation and Benefits Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Compensation and Benefits service.

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Compensation Planning

Map showing the Average Salary Increases 2013 by Region in Canada

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Infographic

ROI from Wellness Programs