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Human Resource Management

The Conference Board of Canada provides you with strategic information on current human resource management challenges as well as a Canadian perspective on trends in human resource management.

Topics covered:

  • compensation planning
  • reward strategies
  • benefit programs
  • health and wellness
  • industrial relations
  • employee engagement
  • work–life issues
  • performance management

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December 12, 2014

Does Your Workplace Have a Re-active or Pro-active Approach to Domestic Violence?

December 05, 2014

A Better Approach to Succession

November 19, 2014

Executive Networks

  • Council for Learning and Leadership Development
  • Compensation Research Centre
  • Council on Diversity and Talent Management—West
  • Council of Industrial Relations Executives
  • Council on Workplace Health and Wellness
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—National
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—East
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—West
  • Council on Inclusive Work Environments
  • Strategic Human Resources Management Council


Atlantic Canada HR Summit 2015: Innovative People Practices in the Emerging Talent Decade ( Feb 25-26, Halifax)

Human Resource Management Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Human Resource Management service.

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Domestic Violence in the Workplace: The Impact on Canadian Workers

Canadian employers lose $77.9 million annually due to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence on workers and workplaces and the costs, to individuals, families and society, go far beyond that. However, we know very little about the scope and impacts of this problem in Canada, and international evidence is only starting to emerge. This 60 minute recorded webinar is led by Barb MacQuarrie, Community Director of the Centre for Research and Education on Violence against Women and Children in the Faculty of Education at Western University.

Recorded Webinar | December 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Performance Management

A traditional annual performance appraisal is an opportunity for companies and organizations to increase the strength and diversity of their talent pipelines. However, our unintended, unconscious biases often hijack our mind and permit us to make decisions that project our experiences and values onto others. When this sort of thinking is prevalent in talent management processes, it can quickly reduce representational diversity.

Recorded Webinar | December 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Succession Management Webinar: Growing Your Talent

A new organizational model is emerging—one that is significantly flatter and more efficient. In this environment, it is no longer sufficient to plan for succession at the executive level alone. Organizations must also consider management and mission-critical roles, which are crucial to organizational success and need to be integrated into a broader succession management strategy. This recorded webinar looks at the shift from succession planning to succession management and assessing future workforce needs.

Recorded Webinar | November 2014 | Donna Burnett Vachon, Katie O’Brien | The Conference Board of Canada

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Compensation and Benefits Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Compensation and Benefits service.

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Where are pay plans headed in 2015? Compensation Planning Webinar

In this 60-minute recorded webinar, Ian Cullwick, Vice-President of the Conference Board's Leadership and Human Resources Research division, discusses the 2015 pay environment, projected compensation levels by region and industry, and how organizations are responding to continued economic uncertainty.

Recorded Webinar | December 2014 | Ian Cullwick | The Conference Board of Canada

Employee Financial Well-Being: How Personal Finances Impact Wellness and the Bottom Line

More than 25 per cent of the workforce is financially distressed and more than two-thirds are not in control of their finances. This lack of financial literacy is causing a myriad of health problems, behavioural issues, and costing your organization through health care cost, absenteeism, turnover and damage to reputations. This 60-minute evidence-based approach recorded webinar, features Frank Wiginton, Canada’s leading authority on employee financial well-being.

Recorded Webinar | November 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

The New Imperative: Driving Performance, Connecting to Value

Companies increasingly view health care as an important investment and want a greater return: they are still keenly interested in lowering costs but are also demanding better performance and value from providers.

e-Library Document | 9 pages | November 2014 | Corporate Authorship TCB | The Conference Board, Inc.

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Compensation Planning

Map showing the Average Salary Increases 2013 by Region in Canada

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Infographic

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