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Gabriela Prada

Gabriela Prada
Gabriela Prada
Global Strategist for Health Systems Policy

Dr. Gabriela Prada brings more than 17 years of experience as a physician, management consultant, and policy researcher to the HIPE team. She provides leadership and oversight to all contract research and executive network activities and often speaks on behalf of the Conference Board on health-related topics.

Dr. Prada has a strong understanding of the health industry, including the business processes and activities involved in the provision and management of health services. Having worked as a physician in various settings, including emergency rooms and rural hospitals, she understands the processes involved in the delivery of health care and the interdependence among health-care providers.

She has participated—as author, reviewer, or project manager—in numerous health policy reports produced by The Conference Board of Canada. These reports have assisted federal, provincial, and local governments in their health policy decision-making. Some examples include Liability Risks in Interdisciplinary Care—Thinking Outside the Box, Exploring Technological Innovation in Health Systems, Challenging Health-Care System Sustainability, and Understanding Health-Care Costs Drivers and Escalators.

Dr. Prada is the administrative lead of a major, five-year evaluation project that is assessing the effectiveness and practices of Ontario’s Family Health Teams (FHTs), the main focus of primary health-care reform in the province. She has strong management, organizational, and leadership skills and has held numerous voluntary positions, including as a reviewer for various peer-reviewed journals. Before joining the Conference Board, Dr. Prada was a senior management consultant in the Strategic Change group at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has a masters degree in health administration from the University of Ottawa and is a Certified Health Executive.

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