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Lin Ai

Lin Ai
Lin Ai
Economist, Canadian Industrial Outlook, Forecasting and Analysis

Lin Ai is an economist within the Canadian Industrial Outlook Service group. She is responsible for the research and the forecast of several industries. Lin is also the in-house agriculture and food manufacturing expert and contributes to Canadian, provincial, and industrial outlook products. When she first joined the Conference Board, Lin was part of the Provincial Forecasting group for which she was in charge of the forecast of the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She also contributed to several projects, such as Food Mail Program and the Potash Corp Takeover Impact Analysis.

Prior to working for the Conference Board, Lin’s experience was with the Ontario Ministry of Finance, where she was responsible for the auto industry forecast.

Lin Ai obtained her M.A. in economics from the Waterloo University with a specialization in Macroeconomics. Her B.A.(high honor) was received from the University of Saskatchewan.

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