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Industry Economics

The Industry Economics team performs economic research, analysis, and forecasts on Canadian industries. The team’s work is disseminated in many ways, including reports, webinars, presentations, and blog posts. In addition, the team conducts custom research projects and economic forecasts for public and private sector clients.

Our Services

Canadian Industrial Outlook Reports

These are in-depth, biannual economic outlook reports with a five-year forecast for key economic and financial indicators for nearly 20 major Canadian sectors. They provide a detailed analysis of the latest developments and trends affecting industries at the national and provincial levels.

Canadian Industrial Profiles

These brief two-page profiles are designed for smaller industries not covered by our Industrial Outlook service. Published annually, the profiles include an industrial SWOT analysis and a five-year forecast of key economic indicators and industry trends.

Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability

The Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability is a proprietary monthly index designed to predict near-term trends in corporate profitability. The index is calculated for the entire economy, as well as for 49 industries.

Custom Research

Our team of economists brings together over 40 years of experience delivering quality economic research and analysis. Examples of custom work include forecasting exercises, economic impact studies, labour market outlooks, market analyses, literature reviews, case studies, and policy analyses.

Upcoming Webinars

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Canada’s Air Transportation Industry: A Golden Age

Economic conditions for Canadian airlines have been nearly perfect over the past 18 to 24 months. Low oil prices and a favourable currency situation have pushed demand to record levels and the industry’s financial performance has taken off as a result. The low value of the loonie makes travel to Canada relatively cheaper. Despite the generally weak economic conditions in North America last year, Canadian airlines experienced the strongest demand on record in 2016. The possibility of added competition in the Canadian air travel market will keep downward pressure on air fares in the near term. Downward pressure on the industry’s profit margin will be most apparent starting late in 2017 and carrying through 2018. Nevertheless, the industry’s outlook has rarely been as bright. In this webinar, Todd Crawford discusses the golden age for air transportation, including: production, price, investment, employment revenues, labour and material costs, profits and profit margins.

Live Webinar | June 2017 | Todd A. Crawford | The Conference Board of Canada

Canada’s Auto Outlook: Ready to Upshift?

Canada’s motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts manufacturing industries are enjoying a solid start to 2017. American sales continue to speed along at a record pace, which ensures strong demand for Canadian automotive products. Canadian automakers export nearly 9 out of 10 vehicles they assemble to the U.S., and parts manufacturers sell about half their products south of the border. However, uncertainty surrounding the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continues to undermine an otherwise optimistic industry outlook. NAFTA hastened the integration of the North American auto sector, but the Trump Administration has signalled that it is looking to boost production in the U.S., even if heightened protectionism comes at the expense of foreign trade partners, including Canada and Mexico. The Canadian subsidiaries of the Detroit Three have reached contract agreements with their workers that include stable production volumes through 2020. General Motors is closing its Consolidated Line in Oshawa in 2017, but work on other models should maintain production in Oshawa at current levels. Canadian auto assemblers specialize in the more profitable truck segment of the North American light-vehicle market— which is also a segment in which parts makers have a competitive advantage. Demand should be sufficiently strongly to sustain parts manufacturing at healthy levels throughout the forecast. The growing export intensity of the auto parts manufacturing industry will help shield parts makers from the closure of the Consolidated Line. In this webinar, Sabrina Bond presents the short-and medium-term economic and profitability outlook for Canada’s Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Industry and Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry. Based on the Conference Board’s Canadian Industrial Outlook Service, Sabrina will cover production, prices, investment levels, employment revenues, labour and material costs, profits and prof

Live Webinar | June 2017 | Sabrina Bond | The Conference Board of Canada

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