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TASC Workshop Series—Enhancing Competitiveness with Internationally Trained Workers


Could internationally trained workers (ITWs) give you a competitive edge?

Do you:

  • need to hire new staff with a special set of skills and/or experience?
  • want your business to be more competitive?
  • want your business to develop new markets at home and internationally?
  • are you having trouble finding enough workers?

A "yes" to one or more of these questions could mean you should consider hiring internationally trained workers.

According to Statistics Canada, almost all of Canada's labour force growth will come from immigration by the middle of the next decade. While Canadian employers are updating their workforce planning policies to more effectively recruit and integrate internationally trained workers, many do not know where to start.

The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) may be able to help.

Project Objectives

Beginning in the fall of 2009 and in partnership with The Conference Board of Canada, TASC launched a series of workshops across Canada aimed at:

  • increasing awareness amongst Canadian employers of the advantages of hiring internationally trained individuals; and
  • providing practical tools and resources to assist employers, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, in hiring internationally trained workers.

This series of practical workshops are customized to meet regional and community needs. They are delivered as half-day, two-hour sessions, or half-hour sessions, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of another event. In most cases, there is no cost for the hosting organization except for providing the venue.

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Funded by the Government of Canada FCR Program

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