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The Education and Learning department helps leaders work together to develop a skilled and innovative society that will prepare Canadians for today’s knowledge-based economy. We conduct leading-edge research, facilitate dialogue, recognize excellence and communicate results, creating maximum impact and change in Canada's educational practices and policies.

Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education

The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) is a major five-year initiative that examines the advanced skills and education challenges facing Canada today.

While education is a provincial government responsibility, improving the skills and post-secondary education system is a national priority. The Centre involves a broad collaboration of public and private sector stakeholders working together to think through the development of a national strategy.

The Centre addresses Canada’s advanced skills needs by helping to renew the roles, structure, activities and impact of post-secondary education, while ensuring Canada’s skills development and sustainability, competitiveness, and quality.

Skills Defined

We define skills in a broad sense:
A skilled person is a person who, through education, training and experience, makes a useful contribution to the economy and society.

Goals of the Centre

  • Create a Skills and PSE Strategy for Canada that embodies a shared vision for the future of PSE in Canada, specific goals, and actions to achieve the required changes in the medium- to long-term;
  • Track and report on the system’s performance in achieving the Strategy’s vision and goals;
  • Build a strong empirical base and foster dialogue among skills and PSE stakeholders to generate common understanding, shared purpose and collaborative action; and
  • Raise public awareness of the nature and importance of skills and the PSE sector to Canada’s economy, society and culture.

Success means creating a Skills and PSE Strategy for Canada that the many stakeholders will support and operationalize. This will require a combination of research, convening, and communications to stimulate evidence-based public understanding, and engage the key players in the PSE system, including senior management, faculty and staff, government, business, professional and regulatory associations, communities and students.

Latest Research

Briefing cover Bringing the World to Quebec: Six Suggestions to Attract and Retain More International Students (PDF)

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