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Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education

The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) is a major five-year initiative that examines the advanced skills and education challenges facing Canada today.

While education is a provincial government responsibility, improving the skills and post-secondary education system is a national priority. The Centre involves a broad collaboration of public and private sector stakeholders working together to think through the development of a national strategy.

The Centre addresses Canada’s advanced skills needs by helping to renew the roles, structure, activities and impact of post-secondary education, while ensuring Canada’s skills development and sustainability, competitiveness, and quality.

Skills Defined

We define skills in a broad sense:
A skilled person is a person who, through education, training and experience, makes a useful contribution to the economy and society.

Goals of the Centre

  • Create a Skills and PSE Strategy for Canada that embodies a shared vision for the future of PSE in Canada, specific goals, and actions to achieve the required changes in the medium- to long-term;
  • Track and report on the system’s performance in achieving the Strategy’s vision and goals;
  • Build a strong empirical base and foster dialogue among skills and PSE stakeholders to generate common understanding, shared purpose and collaborative action; and
  • Raise public awareness of the nature and importance of skills and the PSE sector to Canada’s economy, society and culture.

Success means creating a Skills and PSE Strategy for Canada that the many stakeholders will support and operationalize. This will require a combination of research, convening, and communications to stimulate evidence-based public understanding, and engage the key players in the PSE system, including senior management, faculty and staff, government, business, professional and regulatory associations, communities and students.

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CSPSE Brochure Download the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education brochure (PDF)

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