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Organizational Excellence Service Reports

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CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation—US Report

In this report, we present the strategies our more than 500 global CEO respondents have identified for meeting the challenges of 2017, with a special emphasis on the survey responses and hot-button issues of US CEOs.

Key Business Issues | May 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Guide de la valeur concurrentielle : un outil diagnostique pour la gestion de l’innovation en entreprise

Le Guide de la valeur concurrentielle est un outil en ligne qui aide les cadres des entreprises, les investisseurs, les organismes gouvernementaux et les associations industrielles à améliorer leur rendement et à accroître les retombées de leurs investissements en innovation.  Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d’une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

Rapport | 98 pages | May 2017 | Sorin Cohn, Bruce Good | The Conference Board of Canada

Competitive Value Guide™: ISO50501 Compatible Corporate Innovation Management Diagnostic Tool

The Competitive Value Guide is an online tool that helps company executives, investors, government agencies, and industry associations enhance performance and achieve higher returns on innovation investments.

Report | 92 pages | May 2017 | Sorin Cohn, Bruce Good | The Conference Board of Canada

Procurement at the Crossroads: How Digital Trends, Risks, and Value-Creating Opportunities Are Redefining the Role of Procurement in the Digital Age

As technologies evolve, procurement’s added value will lie less in cost savings and more in strategic leadership. The future of procurement requires investing in critical competencies and key enablers to ensure competitive advantage in a digital age.

Report | 49 pages | May 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development: The Role of Cities and Educators in Building a Lasting Future

Education is a key lever for cities and regions to build a more sustainable future. Formal and informal learning opportunities are helping learners of all ages acquire the values, knowledge, and skills needed to support sustainable, healthy, vibrant, and peaceful societies. The UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is working to advance the vision of “a world where everybody has the opportunity to benefit from education and learn the values, behaviour and lifestyles required for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation.” The learning city movement and lifelong learning initiatives are ways that some communities around the world are helping to realize sustainable development. This 60-minute webinar offers insights from international movements that are taking action to integrate sustainable development into education and lifelong learning. This is the 2nd webinar of a 3 part series called The City-Campus Connection: Higher Education for Community and Regional Development Contact us to register for all 3!

Recorded Webinar | May 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

The Leadership Outlook: Leadership Perspectives From The Middle

This report is the second in The Leadership Outlook series. It focuses on the distinctive role and outlook of middle managers within Canadian organizations with respect to organizational leadership.

Report | 64 pages | April 2017 | Colin Hall, Donna Burnett Vachon | The Conference Board of Canada

Perspectives en matière de leadership : le leadership vu du milieu

Ce rapport est le deuxième de la série Perspectives en matière de leadership. Il met l’accent sur le rôle et les points de vue particuliers des cadres intermédiaires au sein des organisations canadiennes en ce qui a trait au leadership organisationnel.

Résumé | 4 pages | April 2017 | Colin Hall, Donna Burnett Vachon | Le Conference Board du Canada

Celebrating Learning in the Community: Bringing Higher Education Down from the Tower

Institutions of higher education and municipalities sometimes face challenges in connecting with one another. Complex socio-political and geographic divisions can make this disjunction difficult to overcome, but communities and post-secondary institutions are realizing the value of bridging this divide. The Burnaby Festival of Learning launched in May 2016 with the intention of strengthening connections between the local community and a major post-secondary institution. Jointly led by Simon Fraser University and the City of Burnaby, the week-long festival offered free educational events across the city, engaging Burnaby residents of all backgrounds in the celebration of lifelong learning. At the same time, the Festival created new networks between municipal leadership, university leadership, municipal and university departments, the local public library system, and the local school district. This is the first webinar of a 3 part series called The City-Campus Connection: Higher Education for Community and Regional Development Contact us to register for all 3!

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

24 Truths about Executive Coaching

Rather than merely mitigating damaging behaviors, today’s executive coaches play a crucial role in driving successful teamwork, self-empowerment, and lasting change for the full spectrum of executives.

Report | 13 pages | April 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Bringing Courage to Complex Leadership Challenges

Everyone has the power to be courageous, it just takes the right situation and the deliberate choice to act courageously. Join Ross Roxburgh of The Niagara Institute for a 60-minute webinar that will dive deeply into the idea of courage in leadership. This session will take a look at current research among Canadian leaders that discusses the role courage plays in decision-making, corporate culture, change, and organizational effectiveness. Participants can expect an interactive session that will engage them in an “action research” conversation aimed at sharing wise practices from their own experience.

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Expert Insights on Canada’s Top Privacy Challenges and the Future of Privacy in Canada

The Canadian Privacy Summit 2016 brought together key stakeholders from across Canada to discuss Canada’s top privacy challenges. Public and private sector leaders discussed the legislative environment for privacy and data, and other emerging privacy issues. Over the course of the two-day event, they explored how best to protect the personal privacy of individuals while encouraging organizations to use data to prosper and grow. Private and public sector summit participants agreed on the need to identify or create a meaningful, consent-based model of privacy for the digital age.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

DNA of Engagement: CEO Business Implications

Higher levels of employee engagement lead to greater productivity. This report outlines six strategies CEOs can implement to help employees play a greater role in managing their own engagement.

Report | 8 pages | March 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Third Party Risk and Reward: Managing the Risk of Third Party Service Providers

A leading business trend is to leverage third parties to perform activities on behalf of an organization. This allows organizations to increase efficiencies, cut costs, reduce risks, and improve quality across various operational areas. The downside is that you could be exposed to increased fiscal, regulatory, operational, or reputational risk if safeguards and controls at third parties are inadequate and appropriate oversight is not in place. Third Party Risk Management is the function responsible for identifying, managing and monitoring risks associated with using third party vendors and providing competent oversight of these relationships. This enables you to identify and engage third party service providers who can meet your needs based on requirements set forth in your contracts. This one-hour webinar will enable participants at all levels to gain a deeper understanding of managing the risks of third parties and the proactive measures that must be taken in today's changing environment, with a focus on data protection, cybersecurity & privacy, improved quality, effectiveness and efficiency in managing third parties. Current leading techniques and approaches will be shared that help turn risks that third parties present into opportunities.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Accelerating Growth in the New Normal: Orchestrating Successful M&A and Joint Venture Strategies

Organizations have a unique opportunity to capitalize on deal possibilities and find the right paths for growth in order to stay ahead of their competitors. At The Conference Board 2016 Corporate Development Conference, business leaders learned the skills necessary to adapt to today’s business environment through the successful sourcing, development, and management of new deals and external partnerships. Join our expert panelists as they discuss the steps you need to take to seek out strategic deals that align with your organization’s overall growth strategy while mitigating risks and alleviating stakeholder concerns.

Webinar | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Connected Spenders: The Digital Consumer of the Future

The middle class, and other income-based consumer segmentations, is an insufficient concept for identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities across markets in the modern, connected consumer economy. Those frameworks ignore two important considerations: consumer mindset and engagement, and access to goods and services. To address these shortcomings, we have developed a new framework to identify the consumers able and ready to be higher spenders. We call them Connected Spenders—and they will account for 46 percent of the world’s consumption over the next decade.

Webinar | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

16 Truths about Income Inequality

Short-term thinking has created a corporate culture pushing quarterly numbers over practices that promote solid growth. To combat inequality and its effects, companies must invest in workers, innovation, and long-term projects.

Conference KeyNotes | 10 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

16 Truths about Change Transformation: Insights from the 2016 Change and Transformation Seminar

Curation is more than a popular buzzword; it’s an effective tool for transforming business. It’s not what a business knows that matters, but how that business organizes and applies that knowledge.

Conference KeyNotes | 7 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Beyond Technology: Making the Transformation

A successful digital transformation requires an enterprise approach to strategy and systemic change. The challenge of true digital transformation across the enterprise is to change the organizational culture.

Briefing | 16 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Beyond Technology: Executive Summary

In this era of digital abundance, organizational success (and in more than a few cases, survival) will require moving well beyond traditional change initiatives to a complete transformation. It will not be easy.

Report | 12 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Beyond Technology: Conclusion and Action Plan

No doubt business leaders are facing a difficult and complex set of challenges as the pace of digital transformation accelerates. There is risk and there is opportunity, and judging from the participants at the Future of Digital Transformation and Innovation unConference, there is certainly excitement, tinged with a touch of anxiety about how to get it done.

Report | 5 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

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