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Human Resources Management Service Reports

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Quand les employés manquent à l’appel : L’absentéisme dans les organisations canadiennes

Combien coûte l’absentéisme aux organisations canadiennes? Cette note d’information traite de ce sujet en détail et signale que moins de la moitié des organisations canadiennes suivent les absences de leurs employés.

Note d'information | 12 pages | September 2013 | Nicole Stewart | Le Conference Board du Canada

Missing in Action: Absenteeism Trends in Canadian Organizations

What is the cost of absenteeism in Canadian organizations? This briefing discusses the topic in detail, and notes that less than half of Canadian organizations currently track employee absences.

Briefing | 11 pages | September 2013 | Nicole Stewart | The Conference Board of Canada

Strategic Talent Management: Where We Need to Go

Systems thinking, a talent for data analysis, and change management skills are two of the critical competencies that talent management leaders need to contribute to and enhance business outcomes.

Report | 5 pages | September 2013 | Amy Abel, Lyle Yorks | The Conference Board, Inc.

Workforce Strategy for Canada's National Trade Sector

While strategic workforce planning (SWP) is most often undertaken at the organization level, we are beginning to see examples of national efforts to ensure that a country will have the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time, place, and price to meet employers' future needs. Canada's Forum for International Trade (FITT) is one such example. Join The Conference Board on Thursday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m. EST for a 60-minute webinar that explores how FITT engages multiple stakeholders and uses innovative practices to identify the skills Canada will need to maintain its strength in global markets.

Recorded Webinar | September 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Smoking Cessation and the Workplace Webinar

Smoking Cessation and the Workplace Webinar is a 60-minute session where Karla Thorpe and Louise Chenier from the Conference Board of Canada discuss new research that explores smoking in the workplace, including why employers have a role to play in an integrated approach to smoking cessation programs.

Recorded Webinar | September 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

DNA of Leaders: Leadership Development Secrets

Both business-line executives and human capital professionals at “best companies for leaders” consider “global thinking/mindset” and “integrity” the most critical characteristics for leadership on a global scale.

Report | 69 pages | September 2013 | David Learmond, Rebecca L. Ray | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Pillars of Employee Resource Group Success

In theory, employee resource groups (ERGs) encourage diversity to ensure that a range of perspectives are used to achieve a company’s goals. But what are the true benefits of ERGs?

Council Perspectives | 14 pages | September 2013 | Stephanie Cady, Jeffrey L. Smith | The Conference Board, Inc.


The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present Mindfulness, a special webinar on with Dr. Joe Flanders, Founder and Director of the MindSpace Clinic, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, McGill University.  Mindfulness is an emerging mental health practice that cultivates a calm, clear, and open way of relating to present moment experience. This webinar will explore how mindfulness can help individuals and organizations.

Recorded Webinar | August 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

Talent Acquisition through Social Media: Managing Risks to Maximize Rewards

To receive the maximum value from social media investments, companies must understand each channel and its unique benefits and features and be able to manage the related risks.

Executive Action Report | 7 pages | August 2013 | Jonathan I. Ezor | The Conference Board, Inc.

Developing India’s Leaders

Join The Conference Board for Developing India’s Leaders. During this 60-minute session led by Rebecca Ray, Senior Vice-President, Human Capital, The Conference Board, you will hear from two of India's most accomplished practitioners, now Senior Fellows in Human Capital at the Conference Board, who will share their knowledge based on a  lifetime of experience and insights in this field.

Recorded Webinar | August 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Bring Out Innovation in Every Generation

The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present Bring Out Innovation in Every Generation, a special webinar that features generational expert, author, speaker and entrepreneur, Amy Lynch. Innovation is no longer optional. It’s fundamental. The companies that grow and thrive in today’s fast-paced, high-tech environment are those that foster innovation at every level

Recorded Webinar | August 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

Coaching the Whole Leader

This webcast features the best rated presentation from The Conference Board's last Executive Coaching Conference. This session will focus on how to coach the brains and biology of leaders so that thriving enhances success and competitive advantage.

Recorded Webinar | August 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

In Conversation With—Catherine Frederick: Transforming Human Resources in a Municipality

This In Conversation With issue highlights the City of Ottawa’s HR Director, Catherine Frederick. Frederick talks about the challenges of transformation, collaboration, and management of the HR department.

Executive Action Report | 4 pages | July 2013 | Simon Cotsman | The Conference Board of Canada

HR Essentials of High Performance–Online Conference

Improve your HR team’s performance with insights from some of North America’s top HR experts. Whether your current focus is HR strategy development, recruitment, retention, talent management, succession planning, employee engagement, or corporate culture, you’ll hear the latest thinking on how to improve your approach. Experienced HR leaders will explore change and excellence in HR, and offer practical new ideas about the most critical aspects of today’s HR function. These conference e-proceedings provide essential information for HR leaders, and offer it in a convenient and affordable online package. You’ll benefit from the HR experiences of leaders from a wide range of organizations. Find out how your organization can drive employee engagement recruit the best people using social media develop tomorrow’s leaders manage change more effectively get more value from wellness initiatives develop and implement an effective social media strategy optimize strategic workforce planning use HR metrics to improve HR strategy

Conference Recordings | July 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

Evolving Skill Shortages in the U.S. Economy—Fact or Fiction?

The Conference Board is pleased to present Evolving Skill Shortages in the U.S. Economy—Fact or Fiction? Over the past couple of years, employers' concerns over emerging skill shortages have been on the rise. At the same time, as the unemployment rate is still well above normal, there are those who would argue that employers can continue to easily find qualified workers. Who is right? In this webcast, we will try to answer this question by looking at trends in supply and demand for workers and skills by specific occupations and locations, and discuss how these trends are likely to develop in the future. We will also discuss the implications for these trends for employers.

Recorded Webinar | July 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2013

What is mental health is costing your organization? The Conference Board of Canada recently estimated the cost to the economy of lost labour market participation from the six most common conditions afflicting the working-age population – depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, social phobia, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. These six conditions alone will cost about $20.7 billion in 2012. Advancing at a rate of almost two per cent each every year, this cost will grow to $29.1 billion annually by 2030. With these Conference e-proceedings, you’ll benefit from the Conference Board’s most recent research on wellness programs, and the experience of wellness leaders who will discuss their latest strategies for measuring health and wellness return on investment. As the workforce ages and skilled talent shortages become more common and persistent, health and wellness issues grow in importance. A great health and wellness program will give you an edge in increasingly competitive labour markets, as it produces higher engagement and retention of current employees. Financial awards for damages caused by mental injury at work have increased dramatically, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada anticipates a legal ‘perfect storm’ over employer responsibility for a psychologically safe workplace. Learn from original workplace mental health and wellness research, and case studies from best practice organizations.

Conference Recordings | July 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

Developing Talent Management Leaders Who Deliver Business Value

As the talent needs for business become more complex, the more central the role talent management professionals play in providing a ready workforce, the more likely your organization will achieve business results.

Recorded Webinar | July 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Talent Management: Where We Need to Go

This webcast will highlight organizational needs for Talent Management (TM) success, case studies of best practices, and specific competencies required for human capital executives.

Recorded Webinar | July 2013 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Focus on Talent Management (Vol. 3, No. 2, 2013)

This publication is designed for the busy human capital executive who values selected and thoughtfully summarized article reviews of what is happening in the area of talent management.

Report | 17 pages | July 2013 | Amy Abel, Yolanda Lannquist | The Conference Board, Inc.

U.S. Salary Increase Budgets for 2014

U.S. salary increase budgets for 2013 will have a median increase of 3.00 percent, just like last year. Projections for 2014 are also 3.00 percent.

Report | 13 pages | June 2013 | Kevin Hallock, Judit Torok | The Conference Board, Inc.

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