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Human Resources Management Service Reports

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From Application to Onboarding: Accommodations Make a Difference

As companies increasingly seek to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities, employers are recognizing challenges inherent in a standardized recruiting process, especially in the areas of applications and interviews. From online applications to some interview techniques, employers may be inadvertently screening out the very talent they are seeking.

Recorded Webinar | October 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Intelligent Failure

Join us for a 60-minute recorded webinar with Ashley Good, CEO of Fail Forward. Ashley suggests that in order to succeed, today's leaders must be prepared to fail, more specifically, to fail well. Failing well, or ‘intelligent failure,’ means acknowledging that failure happens to the best of us, and building the skills needed to learn and grow stronger from one’s mistakes.

Recorded Webinar | September 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Human Capital in Review: Human Capital Analytics (Vol. 4, No. 2, 2014)

This publication is designed for busy human capital executives who value selected, thoughtfully summarized article reviews of what is happening in the area of human capital analytics.

Report | 15 pages | September 2014 | Rebecca L. Ray, Patti P. Phillips, Caroline Hubble | The Conference Board, Inc.

International Comparisons of Annual Labor Force Statistics

The International Labor Comparisons (ILC) program prepares international comparisons of economic indicators across countries, pinpointing differences in labor market tightness, unemployment, and labor force participation in various population categories.

Report | 25 pages | September 2014 | Michael Paterra, Elizabeth Crofoot, Klaas de Vries, Eric Hayek | The Conference Board, Inc.

Workplace Bullying Primer: What It Is and How to Deal With It

Bullying has grown up, moving out of the schoolyard and into the workplace. There are organizational and individual costs, negatively affecting the effectiveness and the image of the corporation.

Recorded Webinar | September 2014 | Ruth Wright | The Conference Board of Canada

From Not Enough Jobs to Not Enough Workers: CFO Implications

Baby boomer retirements will cause labor shortages in mature economies, leading to higher wages and lower profits. How can CFOs mitigate these effects? This outlines actions and provides tools to predict specific shortages.

Report | 8 pages | September 2014 | Ben Cheng, Bert Colijn, Gad Levanon, Michael Paterra | The Conference Board, Inc.

On the Record with Charles Allen

“Retaining people in the profession is definitely our biggest issue,” notes Charles Allen, CEO of accounting/consulting firm Crowe Horwath LLP. He tells us how his firm approaches this key human capital challenge.

Executive Action Report | 7 pages | September 2014 | Harvey D. Shapiro | The Conference Board, Inc.

From Not Enough Jobs to Not Enough Workers: What Retiring Baby Boomers and the Coming Labor Shortage Mean for Your Company

The retirement of baby boomers will create labor shortages in mature economies worldwide. This report covers implications for companies and actions they can take.

Report | 56 pages | September 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

How Does Your Coaching Practice Compare? 2014 Survey Results

The Conference Board and Council on Executive Coaching will present the results of the latest benchmark “2014 Coaching Practices Survey,” which includes trends on coaching rates and fees, engagement length and terms, and types of coaching engagements.

Recorded Webinar | September 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Key to Optimal Business Results: Insights from The 2014 Performance Management Conference

For performance management to be more than mere compensation management, systems must be behavior focused, integrated into workflow and processes, and communicated with care to employees.

Report | 10 pages | August 2014 | Corporate Authorship TCB | The Conference Board, Inc.

Is Health and Safety on Your Board’s Agenda?

This briefing discusses how boards can ensure the quality of their due diligence and make an important contribution to the risk culture of their organization by assuming formal oversight of workplace health and safety risk.

Briefing | 20 pages | August 2014 | Bryce Swerhun | The Conference Board of Canada

La santé et la sécurité sont-elles dans la mire de votre conseil d’administration?

Cette note propose des pistes de solution pour aider les conseils d'administration à exercer une diligence raisonnable de qualité et contribuer ainsi à la culture de leur organisation en matière de risques grâce à une surveillance formelle des risques pour la santé et la sécurité au travail.

Briefing | 22 pages | August 2014 | Bryce Swerhun | Le Conference Board du Canada

The 2014 Leadership Development Conference: Identifying Your Company's Leadership DNA

Companies concerned about their executive pipelines should invest in leadership training, especially of high potential employees. The biggest bang from training dollars comes through action learning, stretch assignments, and coaching.

Report | 10 pages | July 2014 | Corporate Authorship TCB | The Conference Board, Inc.

The 2013 Human Capital Analytics Conference: Working with Analytics at the C-Level

No significant change can take place without the support of top executives, including human capital analytics.

Report | 10 pages | July 2014 | Corporate Authorship TCB | The Conference Board, Inc.

Moving Towards an HR Analytics Culture

This webcast presents techniques to increase the demand for strategic HR analytic services, as well as tactics for how to redirect those urgent requests to matters of enterprise-wide importance.

Recorded Webinar | July 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Enhancing Your Leadership Talent Pipeline Strategy

Built on a strong foundation of a performance-based culture, General Electric (GE) has experienced success in hiring, developing, and promoting leaders who deliver business results. GE continues to evolve, building global capabilities to drive growth.

Recorded Webinar | July 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Is This the End of Work? Information Technologies and Labor Market Disruption: A Cross-Atlantic Conversation

So far, the digital revolution has produced technology but not jobs. What is the impact of technology on employment? Leaders from Canada, Europe, and the United States tackle this question.

Report | 11 pages | July 2014 | Susan Stewart | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Millennial Movement: Younger Workers and Union Renewal

This briefing looks at the challenge that unions face in engaging younger workers to participate actively in the labour movement. If this challenge is not addressed, then union leaders face the difficult prospect of having to defend the value of unions to workers while also demonstrating strength and solidarity to employers.

Briefing | 8 pages | July 2014 | Bryce Swerhun, David K. Shepherdson, Karla Thorpe | The Conference Board of Canada

Recognizing and Managing Unconscious Bias

This recorded webcast looks at innovative ways on how to mitigate unconscious bias.

Recorded Webinar | July 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

HR Revealed: Hidden ways you may be failing your people

Your people are your best assets. You’ve said it yourself, because it’s true—but only when it’s true. Sadly, many organizations mismanage their best assets in some of the worst ways. You may think you’re on the right track, but when it comes to “HR: You’re Doing It Wrong.”

Recorded Webinar | July 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

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