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Governance Service Reports

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Toward a New Measurement of the Value of Government Relations: Adapting Sustainability Measurements

Judging government relations value by inappropriate criteria shortchanges the discipline and can render a false conclusion to corporate leaders, leading to resource cuts that ultimately harm the firm.

Report | 10 pages | August 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

25 Truths about Measuring the Impact of Ethics Programs in Your Organization

Companies need to be aware of and know how to mitigate the underlying system dynamics that can lead to unethical behavior.

Report | 15 pages | August 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

CEO Succession Practices: 2017 Edition

CEO Succession Practices: 2017 Edition analyzes all CEO succession events at S&P 500 companies over the last 15 years with additional analysis based on 2017 survey findings.

Report | 126 pages | August 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Governance Outlook for Directors: Highlights of the 2017 The Conference Board/CED Spring Policy Conference

The Conference Board Governance Center and the Committee for Economic Development (CED) on April 20, 2017 co-hosted more than 100 corporate governance practitioners to discuss the state of corporate governance, corporate political contributions, the job description of a corporate director, and cybersecurity oversight.

Conference KeyNotes | 13 pages | August 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Just What Is the Corporate Director’s Job?: Proxy Advisors’ Perspectives on the Board Member's Job

When describing the job of a public company board member, proxy advisors were not naturally inclined to draw up a list of qualifications and responsibilities.

Report | 19 pages | July 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Communicating Cyber Security to the Board of Directors

Cyber security is a pressing issue that demands increased attention from executives. The issues highlighted in this briefing around communicating cyber security to the board can help organizations deal with evolving cyber security risks.

Briefing | 25 pages | July 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | The Conference Board of Canada

Communiquer sur la cybersécurité avec un conseil d’administration

La cybersécurité est un problème urgent qui requiert une attention accrue des dirigeants. Une bonne communication à cet égard avec le conseil d’administration peut aider les organisations à gérer des risques en évolution constante.

Résumé | 27 pages | July 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | Le Conference Board du Canada

Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk—Spring 2017

This triannual journal presents original articles by global thinkers and practitioners on risk management and related matters. Authors express opinions and insights about the world of risk and provide practical applications to address risk challenges.

Briefing | 32 pages | May 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

25 Truths about Joint Ventures

More and more, companies are looking to joint ventures: to help topline growth, allay local fears about loss of intellectual property to foreign competitors, and to help companies enter new international markets.

Report | 13 pages | April 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

30 Truths about Cybersecurity

There are two kinds of companies: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet. Cyber risk is not just an IT concern, but a crucial business issue.

Report | 14 pages | April 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Transformation of the Health System: The Critical Role of Boards of Directors

This briefing examines the important role that governance plays in health care transformation by researching the governance systems in three provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario) that have taken distinct approaches to health care governance.

Briefing | 34 pages | March 2017 | Jenny Santos | The Conference Board of Canada

The Board’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Future

In reaction to shareholder and stakeholder shifting values, corporations now aim to develop and implement sustainability tactics that align with their business strategies. Despite organizations adopting the appropriate mindset, there is significant room for improvement in the effectiveness of the execution and accountability of their sustainability programs. So what role does the board play in ensuring that sustainability is embedded in the organization? What does this look like in practice? What pitfalls or oversight should the board be cognizant of? Join us as Dr. Yilmaz Argüden dives deeper into the board’s role in ensuring that a sustainability agenda is fully integrated throughout the organization.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Diversity in the Boardroom: The Long Road Ahead

The Canadian Board Diversity Council's Annual Report Card provides a snapshot of corporate board diversity in Canada. This project, initially started in 2010, provides historical views and measures the pace of change for diversity on FP500 boards. Join the Conference Board’s lead researcher for the Annual Report Card, Amanda Daoust, for this 30-minute webinar as she provides a deep-dive into the latest results from the 2016 Annual Report Card.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Is Universal Proxy in the Cards? Insights and Highlights from a Recent Roundtable

The Conference Board Governance Center hosted more than 30 corporate governance practitioners to discuss the viability of mandatory versus optional universal proxy cards in contested director elections.

Report | 13 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Looking Forward: Not-For-Profit Governance Challenges in an Ever-Changing Environment

Today’s operating environment for not-for-profit organizations is creating pressure on organizations and causing directors to think differently about how they govern their not-for-profit boards. Disruptive social, economic, political and environmental forces are driving up demand for services that not-for-profits provide and influencing the ways in which these organizations operate at a time of constrained, even shrinking, financial resources. Not-for-profit directors must provide meaningful direction and clear-eyed oversight to their organizations to help them navigate this challenging world. Join us for this discussion that will examine key challenges in not-for-profit governance. This one-hour webinar will provide directors, and the executives who work with them, with both frameworks for thinking about the challenges ahead and practical strategies to improve organizational readiness for the future. There will be a special emphasis on ensuring boards have the right directors around the table who are equipped and ready to take the steps in order to thrive in a fast-changing environment. This webinar is a must for currently serving not-for-profit board members, executives who work with not-for-profit boards as well as individuals who are looking to get their start in board service through a not-for-profit board.

Recorded Webinar | February 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Smart is Not Enough—Why Board Health is the Crucial Competitive Advantage

A healthy board outshines other factors in board effectiveness and provides the greatest pathway for progress and competitive advantage. Join best-selling author, Jim Brown, as he distills 25 years of work with thousands of board members into the non-negotiables for governance and organizational excellence.

Recorded Webinar | February 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Culture as Governance and the Link with Performance: The Evolving Role of the Corporate Board

Why have we been resistant to embracing culture as a strategic corporate priority? This article focuses on culture at the board level and the link with performance.

Briefing | 45 pages | February 2017 | Mac Van Wielingen | The Conference Board of Canada

25 Truths about Succession Management: Insights from the 12th Succession Management Conference

Companies have fewer candidates to take over the top spot today than they did five years ago. Boards should take key steps to insure a smooth transition at the top.

Briefing | 9 pages | January 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Taking Cyber Security to the Board: Promising Practices for Improving Board Engagement and Performance in Cyber Security

Cyber security is a systemic risk to any business, but many board members lack the literacy in cyber security that they need to oversee this risk. This report provides a three-stage developmental approach to improving board competence in this area.

Briefing | 30 pages | December 2016 | Micah Clark | The Conference Board of Canada

Conseils d’administration et cybersécurité : Pratiques prometteuses pour améliorer leur engagement et leurs résultats en la matière

La cybersécurité représente pour toute entreprise un risque systémique, mais beaucoup de membres de conseil n’ont pas les connaissances voulues pour le surveiller. Ce rapport propose une approche structurée en trois étapes pour améliorer les compétences des conseils dans ce domaine.

Résumé | 33 pages | December 2016 | Micah Clark | Le Conference Board du Canada

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