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Corporate Social Responsibility Service Reports

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Community Impact: Insights from the Strategic Community Impact Symposium

Becoming involved in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals can help companies boost employee engagement, increase brand value and customer loyalty, build trust, and reinforce the social contract with society.

Conference KeyNotes | 20 pages | April 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Social Purpose of Business

After investing in and measuring CSR strategies for a decade or more, many leading companies find that their impacts are only modest and they need an accelerated model to achieve social impact at a greater scale. They rewire their business so that their growth is a positive force in society and realize a competitive advantage in doing so. Further, they adopt a compelling and aspirational core purpose or mission that goes beyond making money to create value for both business and society. This core purpose – their contribution to society and the greater good – shapes and informs the company’s essential reason for being. For some it transcends maximizing profits and shareholder value, and for others it is the means by which they create value and grow. Either way, it becomes a shared intent by everyone in the business, guiding the decisions of leaders and employees across the company.

Recorded Webinar | February 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Sustainability Challenge

The sustainability challenge for businesses in 2017 is to embed sustainability into performance measurement and strategy and to recognize sustainability as a potential growth driver, say CEOs responding to our annual survey.

Briefing | 25 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Sustainability Practices Dashboard

The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard analyzes the most recent disclosure of environmental and social practices by public companies around the world.

Report | 24 pages | December 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Building Strong Communities: Community Investment Trends in Canada’s Financial Services Sector

This report examines community investment trends in the Canadian financial services sector over the last decade, provides benchmarking information, and identifies emerging trends and opportunities in community investment.

Report | 54 pages | November 2016 | Sally Crane | The Conference Board of Canada

Édifier des collectivités fortes : Les investissements communautaires du secteur canadien des services financiers

Ce rapport examine les tendances des investissements communautaires dans le secteur canadien des services financiers ces dix dernières années, fournit des données comparatives et recense les nouvelles tendances et possibilités.

Résumé | 59 pages | November 2016 | Sally Crane | Le Conference Board du Canada

20 Truths about Corporate Philanthropy

When 46 experts met to discuss corporate social responsibility and sustainability at the Strategic Community Impact Symposium in New York City, we took notes. Here are the highlights.

Conference KeyNotes | 12 pages | November 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Integrating Sustainability into your Organization: From Plan To Action

Your sustainability strategy and policy direction have been set. Now what? Organizations often find that after the long process of building and adopting a sustainability policy or strategy, there is a stall. Sure, implementing and embedding sustainability into the business and day-to-day operational decisions is hard work, but that’s not the only thing holding up changes. Often, the environmental or sustainability plan becomes siloed within the organization, leading to delays, disorganization, and functional leaders that don’t always understand the plan's relevance. So how can you ensure your sustainability strategy isn’t shelved before it even begins? Join us for the 60-minute webinar as Coro Strandberg, CSR and sustainability strategist, along with Carmen Turner, Sustainability Leader at Teck Resources and Geoff Pegg, Sustainability Director at TELUS, provide you with valuable strategies to achieve the sustainability goals your company has set for itself. Coro will explain how to integrate sustainability into corporate culture and governance, and offer relevant, usable insights on how you can mobilize and engage your organization to embrace a sustainability ethic. The result? Significant financial and social benefits, as well as increased employee engagement.

Recorded Webinar | October 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

25 Truths about Sustainability: Insights from the Sustainability Summit

There’s good and bad news in sustainability. Good: more businesses are taking sustainability seriously. Bad: for many, “growth” still means “selling more product.” The solution: sustainable innovations that also drive business growth.

Conference Keynotes | 15 pages | August 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Sustainable Extraction: Environmental Initiatives for Canada’s Resource Industries

Canada's natural resources are in demand all over the world, but are our extraction industries working as efficiently as they could be? Evidence is showing high rates of failure for extraction projects, often stemming from environmental performance concerns and legacy issues of past practices. Failing to address this issues has led to stakeholder conflicts, regulatory and policy-related challenges, and unfavourable external environments. Industry has been working hard to change its historic reputation and improve environmental practices, but many companies are finding it difficult to engage and sustain momentum when the sector continues to experience extended market fluctuations and economic impacts. So what can companies do now to help alleviate these issues and start working in a more efficient, environmentally-conscious capacity? Join us for this 60 minute session where mining and environmental expert Karen Chovan will present key strategies to facilitate engagement and empowerment of personnel to participate in and sustain positive change within our resource industries. Every person, team and discipline in an organization plays a significant role in the facilitation of initiatives aimed at improving stakeholder support and improvements in environmental performance. These personnel need only the connection and alignment of their own roles to the proposed targets, and the opportunities to present and implement solutions and strategies within their scope. With small contributions from all team players, success can be had through alignment.

Recorded Webinar | May 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

Business Matters: CRS and the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth

How is corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) faring in Saskatchewan? This report looks at the province’s situation and compares it with the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond.

Report | 58 pages | May 2016 | Yvonne Ndelle, Roger Francis | The Conference Board of Canada

Une question d’affaires : Les initiatives de responsabilité sociale et de durabilité et le Plan de croissance de la Saskatchewan

Quid des initiatives de responsabilité sociale et de durabilité en Saskatchewan? Ce rapport fait le point sur la situation et la compare avec le Plan de croissance de la Saskatchewan. Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d'une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

Résumé | 62 pages | May 2016 | Roger Francis, Yvonne Ndelle | Le Conference Board du Canada

The 2015 Strategic Community Impact Symposium.
Putting It All Together—Employee Engagement, Innovative Approaches, Sustainable Outcomes

Companies used to show they cared by writing checks. Today, their societal missions are far-reaching and intensive. Why? Millennials demand it, the world needs it, and safe and prosperous communities benefit business.

Report | 8 pages | March 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Measuring the Performance and Business Value of Product Stewardship

Left undetected, poor product stewardship performance can increase risks, regulatory fines, or restrictions; harm a company's reputation; and negatively affect operating costs as well as relationships with suppliers and customers.

Report | 18 pages | March 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Social License to Operate: Building Trust in Local Communities

Organizations who move into a new area have more to think about than the typical permitting and regulatory processes. Increasingly, companies are seeking “Social Licenses”, the local community’s acceptance and approval of their project or ongoing presence in the area. Often intangible and informal, social license can be realized through investment in timely and effective communication, meaningful dialogue, and a track record of ethical and responsible behavior. As the world becomes more and more environmentally and socially conscious, social license is increasingly being seen as a prerequisite to development. Do you have a plan in place? Join us for this 60 minute webinar and learn what social licensees are, and their importance to business in the 21st century. You’ll hear expert advice on how to earn social license to operate, and public policy and legislative approaches to ensure success. We’ll explore how to use your current corporate responsibility framework as a starting point for engagement, communication, and collaboration with local communities, and discuss the project-specific action needed to earn and maintain the trust you need to get the job done.

Recorded Webinar | January 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

Achieving Corporate Stewardship: How Leading-Edge Companies Are Changing for the Better

The data are in. The U.N.’s Post-2015 Global Development Agenda, the International Energy Agency 2015 report Tracking Clean Energy Progress, the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Risks Report, and the Pope’s Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ all draw attention to the need for urgent action to address the issues of climate change and its impact on the natural environment and the global economy, as well as social issues such as poverty and extreme wealth discrepancies and associated social unrest. It is time to go beyond talk, debate, and initiatives. Companies must aggressively define a new way of doing business. Corporations must be key players—in concert with governments, NGO’s, and other civil actors. So where to start? What is required for corporations to become stewards of the future? Join us for this special webinar which will present the best thinking and knowledge from scholars who have been at the forefront of studying and working with leading edge corporations and other stakeholders. Our Presenters will be Susan Albers Mohrman and Edward E. Lawler III, from The Center for Effective Organizations at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. This session will address what will be required from companies to change the trajectory of the global economy toward sustainable development. Focuses will include organizational and human resource elements of sustainable functioning, and how to achieve the expansion of organization purpose that is required.

Recorded Webinar | January 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

Engaging the Value Chain For a Sustainable Future

We are pleased to present a special 60-minute live webinar that looks at improving the sustainability of your organization. Engaging the Value Chain For a Sustainable Future features Coro Strandberg, CSR and sustainability strategist and thought leader. Joining Coro for this session is Frances Edmonds, Director of Environmental Programs for Hewlett-Packard (Canada). With the prospect of 9 billion people co-existing on our planet by 2050, progressive businesses already see the need to reduce their impacts, maintain access to scarce resources, meet changing customer expectations and protect their brands. An emerging business imperative is that companies understand and reduce not just their immediate footprint but also the social and environmental impacts up and downstream of their operations. But where to begin? This webinar helps to answer that question and more. You will learn: Why and how leading companies assess and improve the social and environmental impacts of their value chains. What the barriers are and how to overcome them. How to get started on value chain activation.

Recorded Webinar | December 2015 | Coro Strandberg, Strandberg Consulting | The Conference Board of Canada

Sustainability Leadership: Navigating Your Transformational Journey

Innovation is driving continuous technology changes and societal expectations of how businesses operate are changing. In light of these tectonic shifts, companies are compelled to rethink their business models. Creating shareholder and societal value is forcing companies to take a fresh look at the transformational qualities they must embrace to foster commercial and social success. Leading companies now realize that to improve both their operating context and societal well-being, they must invest in new measures to scale up their positive social and environmental impacts and dramatically reduce their negative sustainability impacts. Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet tiles for commercial, institutional and residential markets, is one of these future-fit companies. The company is committed to “leaving the world a better place than when we began, and to be restorative through the power of our influence in the world.” Every creative, manufacturing and building decision Interface makes moves them closer to their Mission Zero commitment—eliminating any negative impact their company may have on the environment by 2020. Join us for this 60-minute session where Coro Strandberg, CSR and sustainability strategist and thought leader, will describe this emerging global trend and Nadine Gudz, Director, Sustainability Strategy, Interface, will share this global carpet tile manufacturer’s story.

Recorded Webinar | October 2015 | Coro Strandberg, Strandberg Consulting | The Conference Board of Canada

La gestion de la réputation dans les municipalités canadiennes : étude comparative

Ce rapport présente les tendances et les pratiques exemplaires en matière de gestion de la réputation des municipalités canadiennes, en utilisant les constatations du 2014 Canadian Municipal Reputation Management Survey.

Résumé | 6 pages | September 2015 | Jessica Edge | Le Conference Board du Canada

Reputation Management in Canadian Municipalities: Benchmarking Report

This report outlines trends and best practices in reputation management in Canadian municipalities, using findings from the 2014 Canadian Municipal Reputation Management Survey.

Report | 62 pages | September 2015 | Jessica Edge | The Conference Board of Canada

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