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National Immigration Centre

The Conference Board of Canada’s National Immigration Centre (NIC) is a major five-year initiative that will develop an evidence-based National Immigration Action Plan to help improve Canada’s immigration system. Investors are invited to support the initiative.

Immigration matters more than ever to Canada's social and economic prosperity. We require a vibrant, healthy, larger and highly responsive immigration system to ensure our future. At the same time, forces of international change are placing great pressure on the immigration environment and the competition for talent is rising around the globe. NIC’s purpose is to help ensure that Canada has an internationally competitive system to attract, settle, integrate, and retain new Canadians, and make the most of their ability to contribute economically, socially, and culturally.

A multi-year effort that brings together multiple stakeholders and leads to concerted action will help Canada meet the challenges and reap the benefits of immigration. NIC is studying the short-, medium-, and long-term impact of Canada’s immigration policies, programs, and practices, in light of the needs and objectives of governments, employers, communities, and immigrants themselves. Through independent, evidence-based, objective research and analysis, it will make recommendations for action (that all stakeholder can engage in) to improve our immigration system.

Goals of the Centre

  • Create a National Immigration Action Plan for Canada that embodies a shared vision for the future, specific goals, and recommended actions for stakeholders to undertake in building a socially and economically competitive immigration system for Canada.
  • Build a strong empirical base and foster dialogue among stakeholders to generate common understanding, shared purpose, and collaborative action.
  • Raise public awareness of the nature and importance of immigration to Canada’s economy, society, and culture.
  • Track and report on the immigration system’s performance in achieving the Action Plan’s goals.

Success means creating a National Immigration Action Plan for Canada that a broad range of stakeholders can and will support and operationalize. This will require a combination of research, convening, and communications to stimulate evidence-based public understanding and engage stakeholders in concerted action.

Featured Research

Image of report coverSowing the Seeds of Growth: Temporary Foreign Workers in Agriculture

26 pages, December 2016
This briefing looks at the important role of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in alleviating critical labour shortages in Canada’s agriculture sector and proposes an alternative way to think of TFWs in agriculture.

Image of report coverA Long-Term View of Canada’s Changing Demographics: Are Higher Immigration Levels an Appropriate Response to Canada’s Aging Population?

39 pages, October 2016
This report measures how demographic changes, particularly to immigration levels or fertility rates, might reduce some of the economic and fiscal costs of an aging Canadian population.

Image of report coverA Primer on Canada’s Foreign Workers

71 pages, September 2016
The June 2014 overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) resulted in significant policy reforms, and changes to how the Canadian government groups and reports foreign worker data. This report enhances readers’ understanding of the changes.

Image of report coverBrain Gain 2015: The State of Canada’s Learning Recognition System

94 pages, January 2016
What is the state of Canada’s learning recognition system today? This study (15 years after the initial study) finds that we still have much to gain by recognizing immigrants’ learning credentials.

National Immigration Centre proposal cover Download NIC’s Proposal and Plan (PDF)
National Immigration Centre research plan cover Download NIC’s Research Plan (PDF)

Upcoming Events

Canadian Immigration Summit 2017
May 2017 | Ottawa

Past Events

Investor Meeting (together with the Leaders' Roundtable on Immigration)
October 13–14, 2016 | Toronto

Canadian Immigration Summit 2016
April 4–5, 2016 | Ottawa

Canadian Immigration Summit 2015
April 13–15, 2015

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