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Which Canadian City Is the Healthiest?

Saskatoon clinched the top spot in the first City Health Monitor, which compares the health performance of 10 Canadian cities. Calgary and Winnipeg also received “A” grades. This benchmarking report examines the physical and socio-economic health of these cities and specifically focuses on four categories: life satisfaction; population health; healthy lifestyle; and access to health care services. Montréal was the only metropolitan area to receive a “D” grade, while all others received an overall “B” grade.


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B.C. and Ontario Top the List for Economic Growth in 2017

In 2017, a slowing housing market is expected to weigh on British Columbia’s economy, leading to a moderate increase in real GDP of 2.4 per cent. Meanwhile, Ontario’s economy is expected to grow at the same rate, creating a two-way tie for first place among the provinces. Alberta’s economy will finally be out of recession in 2017, forecast to grow 2.2 per cent with 0.4 percentage points coming from the rebuilding efforts in Fort McMurray. With the exception of Newfoundland and Labrador, all provinces will see their economies expand next year.

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Role of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada’s Agriculture Sector

Labour shortages in Canada’s agriculture sector have doubled over the last decade and are projected to double again to 113,800 unfilled positions before 2025. The sector is facing difficulty recruiting and retaining domestic workers and has increasingly turned to temporary foreign workers to fill the gap. Finding solutions to these issues in the years to come is critical for future growth in the sector, which is on a seemingly unsustainable path. One potential solution includes the revision of Canada’s immigration policies to create a path toward permanent residency for migrant workers who are filling a permanent market need.

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Linking Financial Wellness to Employee Mental Health

Rising household debt, skyrocketing hydro rates, and increasing food costs and education fees are just a few factors contributing to Canadians’ financial stress. Financial professionals and HR managers recognize that financial concerns have implications on overall health and are increasingly focusing on employees’ financial concerns. As such, the Conference Board will host a conference January 23–24 that will show the connection between improved financial literacy and overall wellness, as well as exploring how organizations can integrate financial wellness into their initiatives. We will also cover the role of pensions and benefits programs in financial wellness, and proactive ways to help employees better handle their own financial situation, both at work and at home.

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Sturgeon Refinery Project Contributes to Economic Activity

Alberta is considering its options to add value to its resources and diversify its economy. The Sturgeon Refinery project shows that additional economic value can be generated within the province through the processing of bitumen. The construction phase of this project alone will increase gross domestic product by almost $8 billion, generate nearly $2 billion in government revenues, and support about 76,000 person-years of employment. The operations phase of the project will further increase these values, demonstrating the positive economic impact a project of this nature can have on a much larger scale.

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One-Day Workshops to Build Leadership Skills

The quality and effectiveness of leadership can have a profound impact on work cultures and organizational performance at all levels. A series of one-day workshops, offered by the Professional Development Institute in partnership with The Niagara Institute, can help develop leadership competencies that are essential for leading today. Topics include Presenting as a Leader, Leveraging Tension for Leadership Success, and How to Train the Brain for Success. Visit the Professional Development Institute website for dates and more information.

CBoC Highlights

Photo of Wendy Mitchell and Annette Verschruen Photo of Wendy Mitchell and Annette Verschruen
We hosted the first-ever Investor & Entrepreneur Immigration Summit on December 6–7 in Toronto. Guests, including Olivia Chow, explored the merits of federal, provincial, and territorial entrepreneur and investor immigration programs, including the prominent Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Greg Sutherland discusses the City Health Monitor, a ranking of health performance among 10 Canadian cities on CBC’s The National.
Image of infographic thumbnail Photo of Laura Albanese and John McCallum
Craig Alexander discusses the Bank of Canada’s Financial System Review announcement on CTV’s Power Play. Canada is at the dawn of a new trade era. This interactive graphic looks at the 25 countries that make up Canada’s most important future global trade markets. These countries are broken down into five tiers, based on two indexes: the Country Potential Index and the Canadian Engagement Index.

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  • Which Canadian City Is the Healthiest?
  • B.C. and Ontario Top the List for Economic Growth in 2017
  • Role of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada’s Agriculture Sector
  • Linking Financial Wellness to Employee Mental Health
  • Sturgeon Refinery Project Contributes to Economic Activity
  • One-Day Workshops to Build Leadership Skills

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