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Financial Assistance for Canada’s Unpaid Caregivers

Canada’s approach to continuing care has relied heavily on support by unpaid caregivers and volunteers. Many Canadians who provide unpaid care to family members feel the strain of having to balance their jobs and other family-related responsibilities with their caregiving roles. Our survey findings show that 60 per cent of Canadians believe that governments should provide financial assistance to those who have to reduce work hours or give up their job to care for seniors. In contrast, 28 per cent of respondents supported an obligatory private insurance plan and 25 per cent said close relatives of the dependent person should provide the care.


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Canadian Organizations Struggle to Engage Employees

Despite evidence showing that employee engagement influences business outcomes, workplace engagement has remained stubbornly low and relatively unchanged over the last five years. Our research found that only 27 per cent of employees in Canada are highly engaged. The biggest factor influencing employee engagement is senior leadership. Low confidence in senior leadership has weakened engagement scores. Relationships with managers are the second-most influential driver, but employee approval ratings are higher relative to their assessment of senior leadership.

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Craig Alexander Joins The Conference Board of Canada

We are pleased to announce that Craig Alexander will be joining the Conference Board as our new Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist. He will assume the role held by Glen Hodgson, who will remain as Senior Fellow. Craig is one of Canada’s leading economists and brings decades of expertise and experience. Most recently, he has served as the C.D. Howe Institute’s Vice-President, Economic Analysis. Prior to that, Craig was with TD Bank Group, where he held the position of Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist from 2010 to 2015.

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Underwhelming Outlook for Canada’s Economy

The Canadian economy got off to a good start at the beginning of the year but, unfortunately, that momentum has largely dissipated. The wildfires that damaged much of Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas, a weakening global economy, and the ongoing and significant deterioration in business investment have dimmed the outlook for Canada. Business investment remains the largest source of weakness in the economy and is forecast to decline again in 2016. In all, the Canadian economy is expected to grow by an underwhelming 1.4 per cent in 2016.

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Preparing Canada for a New Trade and Technology Era

Canada is facing a dramatically different global economic and business world and can no longer rely on high commodity prices or traditional manufacturing for future export successes and wealth. Data will be a key asset of the future and Canada needs to position itself for a new trade era. Focusing on tariff reductions will not be enough to prepare Canada for the future. New policies should put greater emphasis on freer movement of people, services, knowledge, and data.

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The Canadian Resources Sector: A Goldmine for Employment Opportunities

Despite the resources sector’s recent difficulties, it will continue to be an important part of Canada’s economy and provide well-paying jobs for a great number of Canadians. We estimate about $342 billion of new investment in major resource projects in Canada over the next decade and expect over 65,000 job openings in the resource sector. However, the majority of the job openings will come from the retirement of workers—more so than the expansion of the sector.

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Newfoundland and Labrador: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

After years of spending well above the Atlantic average, a commodity price shock has pushed Newfoundland and Labrador into a precarious fiscal position. Despite the large increases in taxes on personal income and consumption included in the most recent budget, Newfoundland and Labrador will need to cut spending by an annual average of 0.4 per cent over the next three years to balance its books by 2021–22.

CBoC Highlights

Photo of Matthew Stewart speaking   Photo of Thy Dinh speaking

Glen Hodgson joins BNN to explain why and how weak firms are holding back Canada’s productivity.


Matthew Stewart discusses our latest Canadian Outlook on BNN.


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Ruth Wright explains how organizational leadership impacts employee engagement.


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  • Financial Assistance for Canada’s Unpaid Caregivers
  • Canadian Organizations Struggle to Engage Employees
  • Craig Alexander Joins The Conference Board of Canada
  • Underwhelming Outlook for Canada’s Economy
  • Preparing Canada for a New Trade and Technology Era
  • The Canadian Resources Sector: A Goldmine for Employment Opportunities
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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