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A Closer Look at Canada’s Foreign Workers

While the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) tends to grab media attention, workers entering Canada under the TFWP make up only a slice of Canada’s diverse foreign worker population. Foreign workers also include International Mobility Program workers, international students, those awaiting permanent residence in Canada, and refugee claimants. The TFWP accounted for only one-quarter of individuals who were granted a temporary work permit in 2014. And while Canada’s TFWP population has declined in recent years, Canada’s overall foreign worker population is rising.


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Running on Empty: Fatigue in the Workplace

Lack of sleep and poor-quality sleep have consequences, not only for workplace safety, but also for the general wellness, performance, and productivity of employees across industries and professions. Our study found that almost 30 per cent of Canadians go to work tired most days or every day during a typical workweek. The main culprits behind this fatigue include work stress and job demands, stress from home demands, physical health problems, and poor sleeping habits.

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Reliable and Affordable Electricity Needed for Canada’s Remote Communities

For the more than 200,000 people living in Canada’s nearly 300 remote communities, accessing reasonably priced electricity remains a challenge. Lacking access to the North American electricity grid, remote communities cannot benefit from the economies of scale that grid-connected communities receive, and that means much higher electricity costs. Their reliance on locally generated electricity means electricity prices can be as much as nine times higher than the Canadian average.

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Employee Learning in Canadian Organizations: Room For Improvement

Organizations that are committed to learning and development report better organizational performance than their competitors. However, our new study finds that only 34 per cent of Canadian organizations say that they have a strong learning environment. While this figure is low, employers can strengthen their learning environment by regularly evaluating the effectiveness of their learning practices and programs to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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Raising Awareness about Cybersecurity

Cyber security is one of the major challenges facing organizations today, with high-profile incidents making global headlines regularly. October is Cyber Security Awareness month, and we are providing free access to two of our research products on the topic of cyber security.

Cyber Security: Dealing With an Evolving Threat Landscape
This 60-minute recorded webinar (value of $149) explores some of the key insights generated from these activities, including the role of insider threats in cyber security and how to mitigate them.

It’s All About You: Building Capacity in Cyber Security
This 60-page report (value of $235) identifies how to build the kind of knowledge and understanding required to effectively contribute to our personal digital security, as well as that of organizations and nation states.

Download your free copies today. These two documents will only be available as free downloads in the month of October.

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New Job Index for Quebec: A More Balanced Perspective

The Institut du Québec (a partnership between HEC Montréal and The Conference Board of Canada) unveiled its new Job Index for Quebec in September. This tool offers a more balanced perspective and highlights current strengths and weaknesses in Quebec’s labour market. The IdQ Job Index report is updated monthly, within two hours of the official publication of Statistics Canada employment data. It is available on the Institut du Québec website.

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  • A Closer Look at Canada’s Foreign Workers
  • Running on Empty: Fatigue in the Workplace
  • Reliable and Affordable Electricity Needed for Canada’s Remote Communities
  • Employee Learning in Canadian Organizations: Room For Improvement
  • Raising Awareness about Cybersecurity
  • New Job Index for Quebec: A More Balanced Perspective

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