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Canada to See a Boost in Tourism This Year

A weak loonie and low gas prices will make Canada an attractive destination for both Canadian and international travellers. Overnight stays from within Canada are projected to increase by 2.1 per cent, while overnight visits from the U.S. are expected to rise by 5.1 per cent and overseas visits 5.2 per cent this year. Regionally, Edmonton will see the lowest growth at 0.8 per cent, while Vancouver will see the highest increase with overnight visits expected to increase by 4.1 per cent in 2016.


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Better Times Ahead For Canada’s Economy

Our newly relaunched Composite Leading Index (CLI) sums up the performance of nine components that track the short-term course of the economy and signals changes approximately six months in the future.

In April, the index rose by 2.6 per cent, suggesting brighter days for Canada’s economy six months from now. Oil prices continue to recover and financial markets and consumer confidence are rebounding, which point to greater optimism among investors and consumers. All told, Canada’s economy should finally be gaining momentum toward the final months of the year.

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Mixed Economic Outlook for Provinces in 2016

British Columbia’s booming housing sector will help the province keep its spot as the country’s growth leader, with projected real GDP gains of 3 per cent in 2016. Only three other provinces are forecast to see growth above 2 per cent this year: Ontario, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island.

Meanwhile, the commodity price slump will continue to hurt the economies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. With another difficult drilling season, Alberta is dealing with its worst economic downturn in 30 years and is expected to face a recession in 2016.

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Improving Privacy Policy and Data Protection in Canada

Small privacy breaches plague Canada nearly every day, from the unauthorized access of Canadian veterans’ electronic medical records to the accidental breach of potential homebuyers in Saskatchewan. Our new Cyber Security Centre is working to tackle cyber security issues that affect all Canadian citizens, starting with the critical issue of personal data privacy in the digital world. The first research from the Centre aims to get decision-makers and Canadians up to speed on privacy regulations and capable of making smart decisions.

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The Role and Value of Private Career Colleges in Canada

Each year, approximately 170,000 Canadians choose to attend one of over 1,300 regulated private career colleges (PCCs) in Canada. PCCs award certificates and diplomas in fields such as trades, health care, information technology, applied arts and design, transportation, personal services, and law enforcement. For many learners, the PCC alternative presents a valuable pathway to employment. To employers, these institutions serve as a valued talent supply channel. However, the sector is fragile and is especially weakened by reputational issues and limited public awareness of its value.

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What Skills Do You Look for When You Hire Business Graduates? Take Our Survey

We are undertaking a study to get a clearer picture of how business education in Canada is performing, what the future state of activity should look like, and what is needed to achieve stronger outcomes. If you are a business leader and employer of business school / program graduates, we encourage you to participate in this project. Your responses will help enhance business schools and programs across Canada—and the skills of graduates entering Canada’s workplaces.

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  • Canada to See a Boost in Tourism This Year
  • Better Times Ahead For Canada’s Economy
  • Mixed Economic Outlook for Provinces in 2016
  • Improving Privacy Policy and Data Protection in Canada
  • The Role and Value of Private Career Colleges in Canada
  • What Skills Do You Look for When You Hire Business Graduates? Take Our Survey

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