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Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration

The Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration brings together three key stakeholder groups to address common issues relating to immigration:

  • business leaders and executives,
  • government leaders and officials, and
  • experts and practitioners from the regulatory community, immigrant-serving organizations, post-secondary institutions, law and more.

The Roundtable meets together three times each year, twice in Canada and once for an international site visit. The objective of the Roundtable is to create networking and learning opportunities to help optimize immigration for business, communities and immigrants in the short- and long- term. The Roundtable does this by:

  • Convening stakeholders to dialogue and problem-solve in a neutral, supportive arena;
  • Learning about strategies and techniques in Canada and around the world that are achieving high rates of success;
  • Providing opportunity for stakeholders to engage and collaborate across regions and sectors in Canada and abroad;
  • Supporting initiatives to attract, integrate and retain immigrants in schools, workplaces and communities; 
  • Exploring collaborative efforts to ensure that immigrants, refugees, international students and temporary workers reach their full potential in Canada's economy and society. 

The Roundtable carries out an annual program of meetings strategically designed to promote investment in and collaborative action on immigration issues. Through their membership, businesses boost their bottom line, developing strategies to attract, integrate, retain and leverage immigrant talent. Experts and practitioners engage with policy leaders, sharing innovative approaches to enhance Canada's immigration system. Government leaders strengthen engagement with stakeholders across the country to help inform public policy and improve collaboration and program delivery. 

The Roundtable also serves as an expert reference group for the Conference Board's National Immigration Centre, which involves informing and championing the Centre's National Immigration Action Plan for Canada

Featured Research

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Next Meeting: International Site Visit to Germany and Switzerland, March 5 to 10, 2017. 

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