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The Compensation Research Centre conducts in-depth research studies and publishes independent reports on topics relevant to our stakeholders. Research projects are designed to build upon current knowledge and to provide new insights into key issues and challenges faced in Canada. The research informs the members of our executive networks, leaders in Canada, and the public at large.

Recent Publications

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Compensation Planning Outlook 2016

(October 2015, 34 pages)
Organizations are planning moderate base salary increases for 2016. The expected increase for the private sector is 2.5 per cent; for the public sector, it is 2.6 per cent.

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Benefits Benchmarking 2015

(October 2015, 124 pages)
This report summarizes the results of the Conference Board’s 2015 employer-sponsored benefit program survey. It provides sound data that enable Canadian employers to benchmark against organizations they compete with for talent.


Industrial Relations Outlook 2016

(December 2015, 59 pages)

What trends will affect Canadian labour relations in 2016? Experts and survey respondents from both union and management share their views and identify the top challenges for the year ahead.

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Compensation Planning Outlook 2015: Mid-Year Pulse Check

(February 2015, 8 pages)
The Conference Board conducted a Compensation Planning Outlook 2015 Mid-Year Pulse Check survey in January 2015. Overall, base salary increases are down slightly from what organizations projected in the summer.

Canadian Directors' Practices, 20th Edition

(April 2014, 60 pages)
This report, which summarizes data from 224 publicly traded companies, is an update of the 2011 report on the compensation levels of Canadian boards of directors. It provides benchmark data on compensation practices and summarizes key factors in the board operations of publicly traded companies.

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Job Evaluation and Classification: A State of Practice in Canadian Organizations

(May 2014, 18 pages)
This report summarizes the results of a Conference Board of Canada survey about the job evaluation and classification practices of organizations across the country.

Human Resources Trends and Metrics

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Human Resources Trends and Metrics, Third Edition: The Canadian Context for Strategic Workforce Planning
(November 2014, 108 pages)
This report presents the context for strategic workforce planning in Canada by identifying trends and providing insights related to the changing business environment, labour force, and demographics.

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Human Resources Trends and Metrics: HR Function Benchmarking, Thrid Edition
(May 2014, 60 pages)
This report—the second of three in our Human Resources Trends and Metrics series—presents the results from two separate surveys to provide benchmark findings and insights relating to the HR function.

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Human Resources Trends and Metrics: HR Measurement Benchmarking, Thrid Edition
(April 2014, 127 pages)
Survey data collected from 169 respondents benchmarks measures related to talent management practices to help HR professionals understand human capital trends and provide insights to support business and strategic planning.

Upcoming Research

  • Compensation Outlook 2016: Mid-Year Pulse Check
  • Canadian Directors’ Compensation Practices


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