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Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care

The sustainability of Canada’s public health care system will depend in large part on innovations that can enhance the efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity of health and health care services. Every year, governments in Canada spend billions of public dollars on products and services. If used appropriately, this purchasing power could boost innovations in the health care sector and improve system performance. The experience in other countries suggests that Canada has a compelling opportunity to accelerate the development and adoption of innovation in public health care by transforming its procurement processes.


Spring 2017 Conference

Value-Based Procurement and Innovation 2017: Opportunities for Improving Canada’s Health Care

Tuesday May 30, 2017 • The Westin Bayshore Vancouver • Vancouver, BC

The need for improving health outcomes and health system performance while controlling costs is of paramount importance for leading countries. This has led to the emergence of value-based health care models, which show a shift from emphasis on volume of services provided to patient outcomes achieved, thus optimizing value for patients. Given that procurement is at the heart of purchasing value, value-based procurement goes hand-in-hand with value-based health care.

Procurement used to be designed around procuring for commodities and now is increasingly shifting to procuring for outcomes and solutions. With this shift comes a realization that traditional processes don't always serve health care systems well. Some international jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, are shifting their procurement philosophy and practices towards value-based procurement to the benefit of health care systems. Canadian provinces are taking note and following this trend. A strong understanding of the possibilities within value-based procurement and the processes involved among key stakeholders is vital to make progress quickly and reap the benefits that our health care systems require.

The Conference Board of Canada will be holding a full-day workshop (May 29th) and a one-day conference (May 30th) that will help you better understand value-based procurement and competitive dialogue, a great tool to implement value-based procurement, so you can benefit from the opportunities.

Key Objectives

The Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care focuses on three core objectives:

  • Discuss how to enable a shift from cost control to value creation. Identify actions that will help you and other Canadian leaders use innovation procurement tools effectively to increase value for money.
  • Share knowledge and good practices related to innovation procurement processes.
  • Enhance the capacity of organizations to transform their procurement processes and improve performance.

The Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care is a forum that will provide you with the opportunity to establish linkages with leading organizations around the world to further learnings and good practices in this area. It works to identify and review transformations in Canada and other countries with an aim to leverage procurement processes, assess gaps in Canada’s approach to innovation in procurement, shift the focus of procurement from cost control to value creation, and identify actions that will help you to effectively use innovative procurement tools to attain more value for money and enhance organizational performance.

CIP Brochure

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