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Council for Healthy Living

Demographic changes in Canada are associated with different health needs. This reality presents new challenges and opportunities for how we define and conceptualize healthy living. Canada needs consolidated efforts, guided by evidence-based models, aimed at creating integrated approaches to promote health and prevent and manage chronic diseases.

The Council for Healthy Living (CHL) is a forum for leaders from public and private organizations, across all sectors and regions, with an interest in working together to enhance the health and quality of life of Canada’s populations.

Our health and well-being are dependent on a myriad of factors—some are determined by personal choices, most are influenced by external conditions, circumstances, and opportunities. The Council for Healthy Living brings together stakeholders from organizations that wish to promote health across populations, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and create environments and conditions that support a high quality of life. It provides a platform to exchange information, deliberate on priorities, and build capacity for strategic solutions.

Key Objectives

  • Address the health care issues inherent to the changing needs of our population.
  • Discuss the economic need to reduce the burden of chronic diseases.
  • Identify best practices and effective health promotion strategies.
  • Advance action plans to support healthy living strategies.
  • Enable knowledge exchange between national and international stakeholders.

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