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Centre for the Future of Health

The future of health and health care in Canada will be dominated by technology, big data, new health care roles, outcome/value-based health care, participatory medicine, and scientific breakthroughs that will enable us to live longer, healthier lives. When these drivers combine with changing environmental, economic, and social patterns, we will be challenged to adapt at systemic, population, and individual levels.

The Centre for the Future of Health (CFH) is a research centre and forum for leaders in the health arena to address complex issues and build capacity for strategic solutions.

Innovation is crucial to ensure sustainability and quality improvement for Canada’s health care system. But knowledge about the right strategies to pursue and infrastructures to implement is not always clear or easy to find. Great ideas and solutions come from inspired people with the ambition and know-how to take on complex challenges. But ideas need systemic support to lead to action. CFH supports our health care systems, organizations, and professionals to ensure that Canada can not only keep pace with current changes, but also anticipate future challenges and proactively prepare to face them.

CFH brings together public and private health care leaders to exchange knowledge, learn about international advancements, and explore opportunities to strengthen Canada’s capacity to develop and commercialize health innovations. It also works to articulate strategic goals at all levels of government and across organizations, while at the same time promoting system design thinking, foresight, collaborative efforts, and strategic partnerships. CFH serves as a vehicle for translating goals into actionable initiatives to enable Canada’s health care systems to propose, implement, and manage the innovations that will lead to better health system performance and improved health for Canadians.


Key Objectives

  • Engage the health care community and other sectors that impact the health of Canadians. Identify the role of various sectors and organizations, forge collaboration to support the shifts towards value-based health care, improve health outcomes and advance the sustainability of health care in Canada.
  • Forge international partnerships to enable an exchange of practices, policies and insights from other jurisdictions that would support the advancement of Canada’s health systems. Enable access to a global network to spark new ideas, creativity, and new collaborations and partnerships.
  • Drive translation of strategic goals into actionable plans. Use design thinking and other methods to examine the latest evidence from research and successful implementation of innovations worldwide to identify priority areas for action toward improved health system performance in Canada.
  • Build capacity within and across systems to efficiently implement and innovate. Through pan-Canadian representation, promote knowledge exchange within and between health systems to facilitate efficient implementation of innovative solutions and reduce redundant efforts.
  • Strengthen Canada’s innovation environment and the commercialization of Canadian health technologies.

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