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Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations

The Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations (CAHI) is a forum to disseminate knowledge and build capacity for innovation—it aims to be the voice of innovation within Canada’s health care system. Through twice-a-year meetings held in locations across the country, CAHI brings together key stakeholders—from government, the life sciences industry, academia, and health care organizations—to exchange expertise on best practices. Through custom research, CAHI chronicles cutting-edge concepts and designs, as well as case studies of proven successes, in Canada and around the world, to act as a concrete guide to management and executives.

Key Objectives

Engage the health care community to identify strategies and public policy options that will:

  • advance the sustainability of health care in Canada;
  • improve health outcomes and the performance of Canada’s health care systems through greater use of health innovations.

To achieve its objectives, CAHI:

  • undertakes and publishes in-depth research and analysis;
  • engages multi-sector, multi-stakeholder groups of leaders in policy discussions;
  • adopts a global perspective in identifying and exploring the applicability of best practices to Canada and Canadian industries;
  • prepares communications strategies to deliver key findings to a wide audience of leaders and decision–makers, the media, and the public.

CAHI Brochure

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For more information on how you participate in the Centre, or request a guest invitation to a network meeting, contact: 

Deborah Fleck
Senior Manager, Executive Networks

Maggie Patterson
Project Coordinator, Public Policy