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Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations

The mission of the Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations (CAHI) is to support greater innovation in Canada's health-care system, leading to improved health-care services and outcomes and greater commercialization of Canadian health innovations.

The Centre for the Advancement of Health Innovations builds on the resources, talent, and commitment of CBoC and key stakeholders to make Canada a world leader in the development and commercialization of health innovations and to benefit Canada’s economy, the health of Canadians, and health care systems in Canada. Specifically, these strategies and policy options aim to:

  • advance Canada’s health innovation system on a path of global competitiveness through in-depth research and multi-  stakeholder engagement;
  • foster industry investment and performance in Canadian health innovations;
  • help build an action plan that will give governments and industry a common road map for collaborating to achieve their innovation and health goals;
  • improve the health care system through greater use of innovative health products and technologies.


CAHI is led by two co-chairs, Ms. Vasanthi Srinivasan, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Systems Strategy and Policy Division at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care; and Mr. Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic of Canada Limited. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and passion for health innovations and their strong commitment to advance Canada’s global position in this area. The centre also benefits from the leadership of Dr. Henry Friesen, founding President of the Canadian Institute of Health Research and founder of CHIP, and the support of Dr. Calvin Stiller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario, acting as a Special Advisor to the Steering Committee, as past Co-Chair of CAHI.

CAHI’s steering committee is made up of senior executives from the following organizations:

  • AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
  • Genome Canada
  • Medtronic of Canada Ltd.
  • Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.
  • Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Stilco Corporation


In order to achieve the objectives identified, CAHI:

  • undertake and publish in-depth research and analysis;
  • engages multi-sector, multi-stakeholder groups of leaders in policy discussions;
  • adopts a global perspective in identifying and exploring the applicability of best practices to Canada and Canadian industries; and
  • prepares communications strategies to deliver key findings to a wide audience of leaders and decision makers, the media, and the public.