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Danielle Goldfarb

Danielle Goldfarb
Danielle Goldfarb
Director, Global Commerce Centre

Danielle Goldfarb is Director of the Conference Board of Canada's Global Commerce Centre. Danielle heads up research that delves into underexplored and emerging areas critical for evidence-based policy-making. Ongoing topics of interest include responding to rapid global economic change, selling Canada's high value services in global markets, and improving the links between Canada's multicultural population and global trade.

Danielle speaks regularly to government, media, academic, and business audiences. Danielle's commentaries have been published by several Canadian think tanks and by most major Canadian media, including the Globe and Mail and Maclean's magazine. Her most recent (co-authored) publications include Stronger Ties: CETA Tariff Elimination and the Impact on Canadian Exports; Not for Beginners: Should Canada's SMEs go to fast-growth markets?; For Innovators Only: Canadian Companies' EU Export Experience and Understanding the Four Faces of Europe (forthcoming).

Danielle has been part of Statistics Canada's advisory committee on trade, the Georgetown University's leadership seminar, the Department of Foreign Affairs Academic Advisory Group on trade, and the US International Visitor Program on trade. Danielle has an M.Phil. in International Relations from Cambridge University and a B.Comm. in Honours Economics from McGill University.

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