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Responding to the Pandemic That Is Already Here

Deborah Fleck, Senior Manager, Executive Networks
September 14, 2009

The H1N1 virus—which has led to the first pandemic declared by the World Health Organization since 1968—has already behaved differently than expected, and the surprises may not be over. Senior leaders from the public and private sectors expect the situation to become worse in the months ahead, according to a Conference Board of Canada publication, Ready or Not: Effective Pandemic Response. The virus is expected to spread more quickly and become more virulent, which could adversely affect an organization’s employees and business operations.

The virus is expected to spread more quickly and become more virulent.

The Conference Board’s Pandemic Response Working Group (PRWG) will help Canadian organizations improve their ability to respond effectively to the H1N1 pandemic. Members will benefit from:

  • open discussion with a diverse and trusted network of peers willing to share their approaches and insights related to pandemic response; and
  • interaction with experts and practitioners—both national and international—who will share their knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and global best practices.


The PRWG is open to public, private, and voluntary sector organizations, particularly critical infrastructure providers and first responders, who are:

  • accountable for pandemic planning, emergency response management, or business continuity;
  • responsible for risk management, critical infrastructure, health and safety, or crisis management;
  • involved in developing standards, policies, or procedures relevant to pandemic response; and
  • working to establish coordinated response management with other organizations.

The PRWG holds three confidential meetings per year, augmented by webinars and teleconferences organized and facilitated by Conference Board staff. Session agendas are developed through consultation with participants and guided by members. PRWG members will have access to:

  • original research based on specific issues or topics identified by PRWG members;
  • “session highlights” reports that capture the key outcomes of each meeting;
  • a members-only website that hosts all of the materials and resources related to the PRWG; and
  • webinars on topics of direct interest to members.

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Pandemic Response Working Group (PRWG)

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