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Human Resources and Compensation Committee Certification Program

Chris Bart, Founding Principal and Lead Professor, The Directors College
August 31, 2009

Chris Bart

This unique program—developed in partnership with The Directors College and the Human Resources Professionals Association—delves into the role of compensation committees in aligning an organization’s employees, human resources processes, and culture to its chosen business strategy. It is tailored to the needs of directors and senior corporate officers who want to learn how leading corporations apply the latest corporate governance principles, practices, and insights to compensation committee procedures. The program consists of a pair of two-day modules, delivered a month apart. Each session focuses on both the behavioural and the technical sides of effective governance, going beyond the rules to discuss leading practice application using case studies, seasoned professionals, and experienced directors.

Upcoming Dates

September 28–29, 2009 (Toronto)
Module 1: Governance Overview, CEO Performance Oversight

October 19–20, 2009 (Toronto)
Module 2: Reward and Compensation

Chris Bart
Chris Bart
Founding Principal and Lead Professor
The Directors College

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