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Gender Equality Expert (part-time contract)

The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) is currently seeking a Gender Equality Expert to work on the Indonesia-Canada Trade and Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) project funded by the Department of Global Affairs. TPSA is in Year 3 of a five-year trade-related capacity building and trade/investment promotion project for Indonesia ending June 30, 2019. The expected intermediate outcomes of the project are: Increased sustainable and gender-responsive trade and investment opportunities, particularly for SMEs, between Indonesia and Canada; and increased use of trade and investment analysis and regulatory reform by Indonesian stakeholders for expanded trade and investment partnerships between Indonesia and Canada.

The Gender Equality Expert is a half-time position with responsibility for updating and implementing the gender strategy in the TPSA project. This position is located in Ottawa. The Gender Equality Expert will work closely with the TPSA project teams in Ottawa and Jakarta—particularly the Indonesian Gender Equality Experts located in Jakarta—as well as with Indonesian and Canadian partners.

Principal Duties

Reporting to the Canadian Project Director based in the CBoC headquarters in Ottawa, the Gender Equality Expert will actively address trade and investment issues related to small and medium sized enterprises owned by women, and will conduct specific activities to ensure the full integration of gender into project outcomes, such as actively engaging women’s business associations and analyzing the impacts of trade and investment on women entrepreneurs. The Gender Equality Expert will also promote and monitor the participation of women in project activities and policy decision making, and assess the impact of the project activities on women and men.

In particular, the Gender Equality Expert will:

  • Update and implement the project’s gender equality strategy to ensure that the project is maximizing its focus and addressing its commitments to gender equality.
  • Assist in a range of activities identified in the work plan/work breakdown structure. These include:
    • Lead a gender and trade survey assessing the different perspectives of men- and women-owned businesses. This activity includes the organization of meetings with, and participation in, the Gender and Trade Dialogue Group. The Gender and Trade Dialogue Group consists of Indonesian stakeholders.
    • Contribute to information on Canadian trade and investment regulations and practices related to gender equality.
    • Contribute information on gender equality and gender-equality activities to the TPSA website.
    • Conduct initiatives to increase the awareness of Indonesian stakeholders on gender equality.
    • Assist in training representatives of Indonesian government, private sector, and academia to improve their analytical skills and knowledge of trade-related gender equality considerations.
    • Make a presentation on gender-equality issues at appropriate meetings, trainings, and study tours.
    • Assist in improving the understanding of Indonesian trade officials and private sector representatives of the gender-equality issues inherent in the regulatory environment for trade and investment for Indonesian small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Prepare the gender sections for semi-annual and annual reports, annual work plans, and other project documents as required;
  • Work with the TPSA trade experts to ensure that TPSA mainstreams gender into all activities.

Skills & Qualifications

    • Valid passport and ability to travel between Canada and Indonesia to participate in relevant missions.
    • Masters degree in gender-equality studies or a relevant discipline with a focus on gender (e.g., political science, sociology, economics).
    • 10+ years of professional international project gender-related experience.
    • Excellent interpersonal, team building, writing and presentation skills.
    • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
    • Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia would be an asset.;
    • Previous work experience in Indonesia and/or Southeast Asia would be an asset.

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