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Despite Salary Cap, NHL Ice Still Tilted Toward Wealthy Franchises

April 30, 2015

Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

The NHL playoffs have moved on to the second round, and among Canadians, only folks in Montréal and Calgary are required to be stuck inside watching hockey—the rest of us have the option to begin gardening or hitting ...

Canada Has Plenty of What India Needs

April 14, 2015

Danielle  Goldfarb
Danielle Goldfarb

Associate Director
Global Commerce Centre

Brent DowDall
Senior Writer
Forecasting and Analysis Division

Canada should seize the enormous economic opportunities available in India. Narendra Modi’s historic trip to Canada from April 14 to 16—the first bilateral visit to this country by an Indian prime minister since 1973—will ...

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