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Canada’s Cities: Struggling Financially But Still Solvent

August 30, 2012

Centre for Municipal Studies

For years now, the Conference Board’s Centre for Municipal Studies has published numerous studies documenting the financial struggles of Canada’s cities. The recent bankruptcy filing of three California cities have some of our clients wondering whether Canada’s cities are heading in ...

Soft Landing Ahead for Montreal’s Condominium Market

August 23, 2012

Robin Wiebe Robin Wiebe
Senior Economist, Centre for Municipal Studies

Version française

The Montréal housing market often flies under the radar as conditions in Vancouver and Toronto grab the media’s attention. But today, a record high number of condominiums under construction in the greater Montreal area is prompting worries of an ...

Le marché montréalais des copropriétés parti pour un atterrissage en douceur

August 23, 2012

Robin Wiebe Robin Wiebe
Économiste sénior, Centre des études municipales

English version

Le marché montréalais du logement évolue souvent dans l’ombre que lui font, auprès des médias, les marchés plus spectaculaires de Vancouver et de Toronto. Mais aujourd’hui, un nombre record de mises en chantier de logements en copropriété suscite des ...

The NHL Labour Negotiations: What's the Best Deal for the Fans?

August 20, 2012

Glen Hodgson Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

The negotiations between the NHL owners and the players association are, as expected, dragging through the summer. While it is impossible to tell the true status of any labour negotiation from the outside, it is pretty obvious that there ...

Russia: Where Corruption Rules the Day

August 08, 2012

Kip Beckman
Principal Research Associate,
Economic Services

Russia and Canada have many similarities. Both are vast, northern countries with lots of natural resources and well-educated populations. Yet, Russia’s per capita GDP today is U.S. $13,000, versus U.S. $52,000 in Canada. Of course, Russia continues to be haunted by its ...

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