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Edmonton’s Housing Market Picking Up

November 30, 2012

Robin Wiebe
Senior Economist, Centre for Municipal Studies

Edmonton deserves its own place in the spotlight, rather than always having to compete with its high-wattage rival three hours down Highway 2. Indeed, Edmonton’s economy and housing market have been improving and are outperforming Calgary on several fronts. These yardsticks include ...

Budget du Québec : la réalité fait mal

November 29, 2012

Glen Hodgson
Vice-président principal et économiste en chef
Prévisions et analyses

English version

Comme son budget en témoigne, le gouvernement péquiste minoritaire est forcé de composer avec la dure réalité. En plus d’être minoritaire et, donc, de devoir trouver des compromis pour certaines de ses promesses électorales, il ...

The Quebec Budget: Reality Bites

November 29, 2012

Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

Version française

The minority Parti Québécois government’s budget reflected the hard reality of governing in Quebec today. Not only is government in a minority situation, thereby requiring it to seek a compromise on some of its election promises, ...

The Changing Face of Your Family Doctor’s Office

November 26, 2012

Thy Dinh Thy Dinh
Senior Research Associate, CASHC

Canadian healthcare leaders agree that a sustainable health care system requires robust and well-functioning primary health care. This view was confirmed again at the Conference Board’s inaugural Summit on Sustainable Health and Health Care held October 30-31 in Toronto. So how is primary ...

As Canada’s Trade Shifts, the Exchange Rate Will Matter Less Than Before

November 22, 2012

Kip Beckman
Principal Research Associate,
Economic Services

Danielle Goldfarb

Associate Director
Global Commerce Centre

Many view Canada’s exchange rate as the main reason for Canada’s recent lacklustre trade performance. The exchange rate remains a key factor affecting Canada’s total exports, given the dominant role of Canada-US trade in Canada’s ...

How to Extract Value from Our Resources

November 21, 2012

Michael Burt
Canadian Industrial Outlook

Mining, oil and gas activity has been accounting for a shrinking share of our economy for a considerable period of time, but the story is expected to change in the coming years. Driven by high commodity prices mineral extraction is expected to be ...

Who Are The Losers (And Winners) From The NHL Lockout?

November 15, 2012

Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

The NHL player lock-out is now heading into its third month. More than $250 million in possible revenue has been foregone by the industry as the parties continue to squabble about the transition from the existing system to ...

A More Open Ontario Key to Bolstering Economic Potential

November 14, 2012

Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

Ontario was on the front line of the 2008-09 financial crisis and recession. The made-in-the-USA meltdown battered an Ontario economy that is deeply linked to the United States market, dependent on large manufacturing firms and the auto sector. ...

Is the Republican Party Doomed?

November 12, 2012

Kip Beckman
Principal Economist

As Republicans try to pick up the pieces from another big defeat, many are asking themselves ‘How could we lose to a President running with an unemployment rate close to 8 per cent and consumer confidence mired well below levels that existed prior to the “Great Recession” ...

Five Priorities for Fixing the Canadian Health Care System

November 06, 2012

Glen Hodgson
Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
Forecasting and Analysis

The evidence is mounting that the Canadian health care system needs some serious repair. It is most certainly not “the best health care system in the world,” as many Canadians still incorrectly believe. Funding from governments is facing serious ...

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