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Hot Topics in Economics

Are Manufacturing Jobs Still "Good" Jobs?

November 30, 2010

Michael Burt
Canadian Industrial Outlook

With the quantity of job creation having slowed in recent months, questions about the quality of the jobs being created are being asked again. Bring on the cries of woe over the relative dearth of new jobs in “good paying” manufacturing industries. The ...

China’s Future Economic Growth Linked to a Social Safety Net

November 24, 2010

Kip Beckman Lin Ai
Forecasting & Analysis

China is often called the world’s workshop and its economic growth is driven largely by manufacturing exports, but the country needs to change its ways if it is to achieve more balanced, sustainable growth. China needs to achieve a better growth balance—creating a ...

Can Las Vegas Shake off its Current Malaise?

November 18, 2010

Kip Beckman
Principal Research Associate,
Economic Services

The gambling Mecca of America is in serious trouble and, while some U.S. cities are slowly starting to emerge from the doldrums, Las Vegas definitely isn’t one of them. The unemployment rate in Nevada is over 14 per cent – the highest ...

Canada Fully Deserves Three More NHL Franchises

November 11, 2010

Centre for Municipal Studies

My 12 years-plus stay at The Conference Board of Canada has been really fascinating. I knew that economics can be applied to several different fields, but I never thought that as part of my job I could actually get to talk ...

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