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False Positive: Canadian Economy Unlikely to Sustain its High Ranking for 2010

August 31, 2009

Glen Hodgson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist


Brenda Lafleur Brenda Lafleur

The Conference Board of Canada’s latest report card on the Canadian economy offers some apparent good news -- Canada’s economic grade is expected to improve in 2010, to a high “B” and 5th place from a low “B” and ...

Moving On: Implications of the U.S. Housing Market Bust

August 05, 2009

Michael Burt
Canadian Industrial Outlook

Indications are that the crisis in the U.S. housing market is winding down. It is as yet a bit premature to break out the party hats, but on the whole, signs are that the market is finding a bottom. Negative signals, such as ...

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